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bub app

Bub app to lend and borrow travel gear

There is a new app in town. Bub is a local marketplace app that is just up and running in the Chicago area. Bub allows you to lend out personal items and make money off of them while still holding on to them for future personal use.  The bub app also allows borrowers the opportunity […]

Moonlight app trip menu

Trip plan by the light of the Moonlight app

There is nothing more enthralling than the romantic glow of the moonlight. The experience of the world being lit up by the faint luminescence from celestial bodies can only be experienced when camping. One cannot get the same experience in the city. City lights drown out the effect. One way campers can get closer to this phenomenon is trip planning with […]

Gadget Guard

Gadget Guard the alternative to the eye poke

Have you ever been on a plane, bus, train, and been afraid of wandering eyes next to you when looking at your iPhone or tablet? One options is to give those eyes the Three Stooges treatment with the good old eye poke. Moe would be proud, but the eye poke is not very nice, and who […]

Fotor HDR

Beyond basic editing with Fotor design

Fotor is at it again as it has added several premium features to its basic editing services to give users a full spectrum of creative tools to play around with. Thanks Fotor design options, the websites is more than just a device for quick photo editing. Now you can enhance your photos even more and […]


ZUS car charger and car finder review

I am a big fan of devices with dual purposes. When you travel a lot and have a limited amount of space in your car or backpack, it is crucial to carry things that are small and multi dimensional. The ZUS car charger fits the bill in both categories. ZUS car charger The ZUS device is both […]

1 Quetico for editing travel photos

I am always looking for tools to help make blogging easier. One of the biggest aspects of blogging is presenting photos both on my blog and on social media channels. Not being a professional photographer, I do not need anything too complex especially when posting a photo essay with 20-30 pictures. I need something quick […]

CARE knows how cows

CARE knows how to empower

Money alone is not the solution The key to ending or alleviating poverty is not money. There is not enough charitable contributions to go around the world to end poverty in every nation, so alternative solutions are necessary. CARE knows how to empower people and works to educate them in order to break the relentless […]