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Traveling Ted is a blog that takes readers along on my adventures hiking, canoeing, skiing, and international backpacking. Many blogs focus on one aspect of backpacking, but I tackle both the outdoor adventure side and international exploration as well.


Spokane River fly fishing

Spokane River fly fishing runs through it

When I got invited to Spokane, I wanted to see if there was a possibility to go fly fishing. I have heard that Gonzaga basketball coach Mark Few is an avid angler. Since Gonzaga University is in Spokane, I figured there would be an opportunity. On my last day in town, I was able to […]

Spokane Falls

Spokane Falls photo essay

How many cities can you think of that have a massive waterfall and an enormous gorge that run through an urban area? The only other place that comes to mind other than Spokane is Niagara Falls. In my experience with waterfalls, you usually have to do some work to see them. Spokane Falls is a […]

Jamaica adventures

Five Jamaica adventures

Jamaica is popularly known for Bob Marley tunes, beautiful beaches, and red stripe beer. There is more to this Caribbean island country than “no woman, no cry.” Reggae music might be enough to induce some to visit; however, many are looking for more than music and sitting at the beach when they book a vacation. […]

Outdoor activity destinations thailand

Four recommended outdoor activity Destinations in Thailand

Thailand has so much to offer than what it is known for. This Southeast Asian country which is known for its rich Asian culture, bustling metropolis in Bangkok and its ancient Buddhist temples has also some hidden treasures. Thailand known for outdoor adventure These hidden treasures are its natural wonders that can be found in […]

Concepción Volcano

Toughest day hike ever up Concepción Volcano

In my time hiking, I have had some memorable tough hikes. Usually the toughest have occurred with a full backpack on. Hikes up to the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains are always tough. Crossing the Chihuahuan Desert or up the mountains in Big Bend were exceedingly difficult. Other memorable tough climbs included the […]

St. Charles sunset

In good hands on a Boston Duck Tour

I was in the Boston area after three weeks of adventure in Maine. I was staying with my cousin and her family just outside the city for three days. We ventured into downtown to walk around and enjoy a beautiful New England fall day. We jumped on a Boston Duck Tour at the New England […]

exploring Managua

First day in Nicaragua exploring Managua

My flight arrived in Managua at midnight and it took about an hour to go through customs and immigration. I secured a shuttle from my hostel. I booked two nights at Managua Backpackers and for an extra $15.00, I secured a shuttle to the hostel. My ride was waiting for me outside with my name […]