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I am always looking for tools to help make blogging easier. One of the biggest aspects of blogging is presenting photos both on my blog and on social media channels. Not being a professional photographer, I do not need anything too complex especially when posting a photo essay with 20-30 pictures. I need something quick and useful. I found to fit the bill. Quetico Lake Kawnipi in Quetico picture is the new kid on the block

For years I used picnic until it was taken over and swallowed by google. Then I started using picmonkey. Picmonkey is very handy, but I am excited to have found, as it is even easier and quicker to use and has more tools. may be the new kid on the block, but is is no Johnny come lately as it has a bevy of useful features.

Spray Falls

Spray Falls in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as edited by

My favorite feature is the one tap enhancement. Instead of taking time to play with contrast, saturation, and sharpness, I now just hit the one tap enhancement button, and in seconds I have the best photo. This could save a half hour on a big photo essay.

The other tool I use all the time is the photo resizer. This option is essential for condensing picture size. With this task takes just a few seconds. After you are done resizing, then you can tap the 1-tap enhancement and you have a smaller crisper photo in less than a minute.

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur resized and 1-tapped enhanced thanks to offers more features than just picture resizes and editing. The website can also create collages and fun Facebook covers. I tried my hand at a couple of collages.  The first one comes from Costa Rica. It is a great way to capture all the aspects of a country or place in one photo. Costa Rica is known for jungles, surfing, animals, and beaches among other things. You cannot illustrate all of these aspects in one photo, but you can in a collage. Costa Rica Costa Rica collage

These collages are fun and a great way to share on Facebook, Pinterest, and on a blog. They are kind of addicting too. I could not stop at just one, so I made one for Colorado as well. What I like is you can shift each picture in the collage once they are uploaded to the template, so you can grab the best of each picture or you can put all of each picture in the collage. In the Cost Rica collage, I uploaded four full pictures, but in the Vail collage below, I took snippets of four pictures. Vail takes on Vail, Colorado

If you are a blogger, you will love the quick and easy features from You can resize, 1-tap enhance photos, make collages, and make Facebook covers all quickly and easily in one place. If you are not a blogger, you will also find fun for sharing and playingw ith pictures. For me, is the new go to website to help me with my 20-30 picture photo essays. I also look forward to making some collages like the above pictures to enhance my social media presentation. I have bookmarked, and I think you should too.

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