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There is nothing more enthralling than the romantic glow of the moonlight. The experience of the world being lit up by the faint luminescence from celestial bodies can only be experienced when camping. One cannot get the same experience in the city. City lights drown out the effect. One way campers can get closer to this phenomenon is trip planning with the moonlight app.

Moonlight app

The color of the moonlight cannot be recreated, and it is difficult to photograph. The moonlight app; however, and help campers plan their next trip and feel the moonlight themselves

What is the Moonlight app?

The Moonlight app is a camping tool to make planning and preparation for the next trip easier. Users can plan their trip, find activities, find campgrounds, download a checking list, and even get cooking recipes. The best part about the app is it is fun and interactive to use. Many campers do not like all the work and preparation that goes into a trip before one even leaves. People do love to play on their phone, so the app makes part of the preparation more bearable.

Moonlight app

Wisconsin River and Indiana Dunes in my trip planner

How to use the Moonlight app

The first thing you do is of course download the app.  You can do this right here. The next step is to add a trip. I have added my next two trips to the Indiana Dunes State Park and a canoeing trip on the Wisconsin River. Once you have a trip added, users can drill down and plan the trip from things to do, cooking recipes, and even get camp songs. I prefer to play my own songs around the campfire. Midnight moonlight by Peter Rowan is a personal favorite, but some may enjoy the fact that they can get the words to some camp classics.

Guitar playing campfire

Jamming around the campfire and moonlight

Moonlight app features

Once a trip is added then you can go into the trip menu. The menu includes a tab for trip details, planner, checklist, shopping list, meals, activities, and camping tips. Due to the fact that there are a list of camping tips, the app is perfect for first time campers and camping families.

You can then touch any of these tabs to go into the features. The planner allows campers to plan out their meals and activities for each day of the trip. This is great to do before going shopping as you can see what food you will need to buy once it is all entered into the app.

Moonlight app trip menu

The Moonlight app trip menu

The checklist tabs allows you to create a checklist or you can import a checklist. There is a checklist for food, clothing, equipment, and other. I always do my checklist in my head, and I always seem to leave something crucial at home. I definitely need to use this tab more often.

The tab for meals is really handy because it gives options and then provides the recipe. Here is another area where I could up my camping game by using this tool. I always go really simple with food, but I should diversify and make more interesting meals while camping.

Potawatomi State Park

Camping in Potawatomi State Park in Wisconsin – A campground one can find on the Moonlight app


While the Moonlight app is fun and interactive, there is always room for improvement. One enhancement I would like to see is activities and nearby attractions that link to the campground chosen. For instance, you click on Wyalsuing State Park and the activities recommends canoeing the Wisconsin River and perhaps can even provide an outfitter that rents canoes and kayaks.

Another improvement would be if the trip planner could provide a little more information on each campground. It would really be cool if you could check camping availability or get a link to make a reservation.

GoPro Moonlight

Make basking in the moonlight easier with this new app

Recommend the app

I do recommend downloading the app. For people who love to use their phone, the Moonlight app provides a useful tool to prepare for your next camping trip and bask in the glow of the moonlight.
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