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Fotor is at it again as it has added several premium features to its basic editing services to give users a full spectrum of creative tools to play around with. Thanks Fotor design options, the websites is more than just a device for quick photo editing. Now you can enhance your photos even more and also make quality cards, posters, and social media images.

Cross-country skiing HDR

Using the Fotor HDR application in order to make a cooler picture

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Fotor HDR

The first option I chose to play with is the HDR option. The editor will take two or three pictures and combine them in order to make a really cool HDR shot. The pictures have to be pretty exact for this to work. If there is a lot of movement in the separate shots it will not work as it will come across all jumbled.

Fotor HDR

The two pictures are a little off, but it gives it a crazy kind of look

Even if the shots are not lined up perfectly with the HDR option, it still can be fun. Sometimes imperfection can be kind of cool. My friend Lewis looks like he has two faces and looks slightly demonic in HDR.

Fotor design

Fotor is more than a basic online photo editor. Fotor can also act as a great graphic design creator for special events. Create fancy ways to make special birthday cards and posters using the website and your photos. Since it is only a couple of weeks from Mother’s Day it only makes sense to try out the card option for her.

Fotor Happy Mother's Day card

A Happy Mother’s Day to my mom thanks to Fotor design

You can also create a poster to promote an event. If I was ever going to do a winter ski exhibition I would definitely use the design options provided by Fotor. Check it out. I love how you can easily transpose a photo over a design and then play with the transparency option in order to clearly read the writing.

Fotor design

Poster created with Fotor design

Everyone needs design help when it comes to social media. Whether you are a professional or just doing it to impress friends, it is great to have design tools like Fotor to play around with and make top quality images. Below I made a Twitter cover. For the two above photos and the one below, it took me about five minutes to create all of these images. I can only imagine what I will be able to create with more time to play.

Twitter cover

Twitter cover thanks to Fotor design

Check out this YouTube to see a fun tutorial for some of Fotor’s features.

Fotor also has mobile app technology for both the iPhone and the Android. More options to play with and with the mobil links you can do it while you are on the go.

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