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Way Down Wanderers

The Way Down Wanderers delight Summer Camp

One of the best things about attending a big music fest is discovering new musicians. Getting exposed to new talent makes for a great musical adventure. At Stagecoach Music Festival a couple of years ago, it was the Haunted Windchimes that caught my ear. This year at Summer Camp, the band that I cannot get […]

Stagecoach Music Festival sunset

A Stagecoach sunset photo essay

When temperatures soar into the triple digits at Stagecoach Music Festival, many country music fans long for the sun to go down for two reasons. A Stagecoach sunset provides much needed relief and brings on the cooler evening. Unlike the humidity found at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee, the desert gets cool at night. Of course […]

Stagecoach four wheeling

Stagecoach four wheeling with Toyota

  Stagecoach Music Festival offers more than just great country music. Thanks to Toyota’s world of wonders tent, you can find a unique adventure with the Toyota drive center. They have a mock off road course set up, and you can test out your choice of Toyota four wheeled trucks. Sometimes on the way to […]