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Stagecoach sunset

A Stagecoach sunset at the country music festival

When temperatures soar into the triple digits at Stagecoach Music Festival, many country music fans long for the sun to go down for two reasons. A Stagecoach sunset provides much needed relief and brings on the cooler evening. Unlike the humidity found at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee, the desert gets cool at night.

Of course the scenic beauty is another reason. At Stagecoach the sun disappears over desert mountains, palm trees, and a giant Ferris wheel.

Stagecoach Music Festival sunset

Two dudes saunter in front of the camera while trying to capture the sunset

It is a great way to top off the day, but the best part has just started as usually the best music is usually scheduled for the evening. When the sun goes down the time is ripe to come out from under the shade and hear some great tunes from the likes of Dwight Yoakum, Charley Daniels, Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, and many more.

Stagecoach sunset

Stagecoach Sunset

Stagecoach Music Festival sunset

Stagecoach palm trees Ferris wheel and a sunset

Stagecoach sunset

Ball of orange disappearing behind the desert mountains

Stagecoach Music Festival

Almost disappeared over the horizon

Stagecoach Toyota

People emerge from the Toyota tent now that the desert begins to cool

Stagecoach Music Festival

Dusk falls on Stagecoach Music Festival

Dwight Yoakum Stagecoach

When the night falls it is time for the stars to come out at Stagecoach

Charley Daniels Stagecoach

Charley Daniels rocking Stagecoach

Stagecoach nightfall

Finally night and coolness arrives to Stagecoach

This trip was sponsored by Toyota, but the thoughts and pictures are my own, and the beauty of mother nature was provided compliments of a Stagecoach sunset.


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