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Kuala Lumpur bloggers

Dave and Mei – World class bloggers from Kuala Lumpur

Blogger meetup in Kuala Lumpur

While staying in Kuala Lumpur, I had the great opportunity to meet with fellow bloggers David from Malaysia Asia and Mei AKA Agent Cikay from CC Food Travel. It was great to talk blogging with two pros that I have been corresponding with for over three years on Twitter.

When I mentioned to David that my next stop was Kuching, which is the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo, he said he knew a contact there that might be able to help me. He sent a text and shortly afterwards a reply came. They agreed to host me and show me around. It turned out that the contact had read my blog: probably this guest post from Mei herself on Borneo.

Kuching Sarawak Borneo

Kuching is a city with interesting buildings and jungle mountains in the background

This three week trip in Southeast Asia I was doing at my own expense and was not looking for any type of sponsorship.  However, when you are halfway around the world, it is nice to know someone and to have a plan for accommodations and tours.

Picked up by Planet Borneo

I was picked up at the airport and taken to Planet Borneo. Right away I felt comfortable with the staff, the location, and the lodging arrangement. I had a room with wi-fi and air-conditioning. I could not ask for more.

Planet Borneo

Home for five nights at Planet Borneo

Planet Borneo lodge

Planet Borneo lodge and headquarters in Kuching

They also arranged for several tours. Mona, the manager, said that a lot of the intense distant trips in Borneo would be impossible on such notice, but there were plenty of day tours I could do in the area.  I was only staying five days, so this sounded perfect to me.

Planet Borneo tour experiences

I was then taken on a series of tours and one was more incredible than the next. I started out with a tour of the Sarawak Cultural Village.  The next day started with a visit to the Semenggoh Wildlife Center to see semi-wild orangutans feeding followed by a hike in Gunung Gading National Park where I was fortunate to see the world’s largest flower, the rafflesia, in bloom.

Rafflesia flower

The rafflesia flower in all its glory

The next day I ventured out on my own to visit Bako National Park, and the last day I had a crazy experience on a scouting trip of a Borneo longhouse. The Borneo longhouse trip was especially memorable as this was a kind of trip not many travelers get to experience as it was even new for the guides who brought me.

Borneo longhouse adventure

Sitting with the villagers at a Borneo longhouse

Staying at the Planet Borneo lodge

Throughout the tours, I had the run of the Planet Borneo lodge in Kuching. Each morning I had bread, jam, and coffee waiting for me. When I returned from a tour, I had the beautiful dip pool to relax in outside with a cold beer. When you are suffocating in jungle temperatures near the equator, a pool and several cold beers are essential.

Dip pool Planet Borneo

The beautiful dip pool at Planet Borneo

Planet Borneo dip pool

Hey! Who is the dip in the dip pool?

Feeling at home

What made my stay Kuching and Planet Borneo stay so special though was the amazing staff and guides at Planet Borneo. I felt like I was staying at the home of a close friend.

I realize I am a blogger and they were expecting I would raise awareness to Borneo, Kuching, and their tour company, but they were very laid back about my stay. Instead of having this feeling that something was wanted or expected of me, I got the feeling that I was part of the team.

Lok Lok Kuching

Lok Lok – One of the cool nearby eating establishments to Planet Borneo

Planet Borneo is highly recommended

The reason I write this is that their sincerity and genuineness cannot be faked, and I know that they will treat their customers in the same way. Therefore, I highly recommend that travelers coming to Kuching book tours and stay with Planet Borneo. Make Planet Borneo your home away from home. They can help make your stay in Sarawak incredible with a trip to a national park or a visit to a longhouse.

Their lodge is perfectly located just on the edge of downtown. You walk to the riverfront in 15 minutes, and it is also close to city parks, museums, and fun places to eat and drink. It is far enough away from the downtown area that it is peaceful and you can even see a few birds.

white breasted waterhen

White-breasted waterhen spotted daily in the Planet Borneo backyard

My stay and most tours were taken care of by Planet Borneo, but if I had paid double for the experience, I still would be writing kind words about the company. The words, views, opinions, photographs are my own.

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