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Another Black Friday is looming on the other side of Thanksgiving and the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season has begun. No need to head out and fight the crowds at Best Buy, Walmart, and Target if an outdoor adventure traveler is on your gift list. Check out these five great Christmas present ideas in no particular order.  If you click on the link for each entry, it will take you to a more in depth article or review. Another good resource for outdoor adventure gear is

Before you do, check out last year’s ideas as they still apply:

Five holiday gift ideas for your backpacker

Teva Riva hiking boots

Not only are these hiking boots comfortable, they are stylish as well. I keep getting compliments every time I wear them. They fit your feet like a glove and are almost as comfortable as a good running shoe. They are extremely light weight for a hiking boot. The only problem is they are so nice looking that you do not want to tarnish them with mud and the rocks. Maybe you should get two: one for style and one for the trail.

Teva Riva hiking boot

Teva Rivas looking stylish

Icebreaker Merino jacket

This jacket is sleek, lightweight, and warm. It is a great item to layer when backpacking in cold weather, perfect for underneath a windbreaker when skiing, or just a perfect jacket for any temperature between 30 degrees and 60 degrees. It breathes, so it has a wide range of temperatures. The great thing about this jacket is it is just as good as North Face, but it is not North Face. No need to join the North Face cult.


Wearing an icebreaker jacket and the fanny pack with Trollhaugen ski hill in the distance

Hypertravel by Hardie Karges

A book is a perfect gift item for someone who loves to travel. How about a book where the author did 100 countries in two years. This book is a fun read and one that will help cure cabin fever and to inspire your next trip. If you want to purchase this item, you can just click on the banner to the right of every page on this website.


Your Hypertravel gift may inspire a visit to Ethiopia – photo courtesy of Hardie Karges

Gore-Tex Ascent

Two amazing outdoor companies are L.L. Bean and Gore-Tex, so you know when they team up for a piece of rain gear it will be top quality. Gore-Tex guarantees to keep you dry not only from precipitation, but from your own sweat. The fabric is made of state of the art Gore-Tex Pro stretch fabric that moves with the activity for maximum comfort, keeps you warm and dry, and breathes. The hood can be arranged to fit over a helmet or reduced by folding over to fit over the head.

Chaguaramas National Park Trinidad

Enjoying a freshing drink from my aqua fanny in Trinidad

The Camel back aqua fanny pack

Are you looking for a convenient place to hold your wallet, keys, passport, and also water? Now not only is the fanny pack a great way to fend off pickpockets, it also is a great way to stay alive by storing the substance of life: good old H20. The fanny pack is also stylish. International fanny pack day is in March, but celebrate early with a  gift to your adventure traveler.


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