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Thanks goes out to hikebiketravel for a nomination to share seven of my favorite adventure travel photographs in different categories. Thanks also goes out to Hostel Bookers for starting this fun travel blogger exercise.

A shot that takes my breath away

Black Hills National Forest

There is beauty up there in them Black Hills

Hiking in the Blacks Hills National Forest with a foot of snow on the ground was quite an experience. Anytime you add a little snow to an already beautiful area it makes for amazing photographs. I was really blown away with the beauty found in South Dakota and would put the Black Hills and the Badlands right up there with the Grand Canyon and Zion in the beautiful places in America category.

A shot that makes me laugh

Halong Bay Vietnam

Fishing in Halong Bay, Vietnam

While on a Halong Bay boat cruise, we decided to go fishing at 1am after consuming many tiger beers and a bottle of whiskey between the group. We could not focus enough to even bait the hook, so I had to bring out my head lamp, which was greeted with awe from the rest of the travelers. Neal from Australia said, “first a bottle of whiskey and now a torch, Ted you are restoring my faith in America.” This was during the dark years of the GW Bush administration.

A shot that makes me dream

Badlands National Park

This was a view the settlers saw except there were more buffalo

Here is a shot of one of the few remaining buffalo herds in America at the Badlands National Park. I closed my eyes here and thought of how our country must have looked to the first settlers when herds of these great animals were not isolated in pockets like Yellowstone, Custer State Park, and the Badlands.

A shot that makes me think

Railroad line into Auschwitz

The railroad line as it pulls into Auschwitz in Poland

When will we stop doing horrible things to each other and treat each other like human beings? The photo above is from the train line that ends in Auschwitz, Poland. The platform to the right is where Nazis like the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele would make their fateful decision of either entering the camp to a time of misery or ending it right away in the gas chamber and crematorium.

A shot that makes my mouth water

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

Beautiful smile, outfit, and woman

No commentary needed. Unless you want t see more pictures like this here.

A shot that tells a story

Scarlet Macaw in Carate, Costa Rica

Two scarlet macaw just outside of Corcovado National Park

I was stuck in Carate, Costa Rica. Read the full story here. In the top of this tree was a scarlet macaw. I focused and took the shot. I heard a rustle and commotion when I clicked and when I looked what I had taken I noticed the second flying bird in the image. I never even saw this second bird.

A shot that I am most proud of

Quetico Provincial Park

Doesn’t this just make you want to jump in the lake? Imagine a fresh walleye dinner from this crystalline waters.

The water in Quetico Provincial Park in Canada has to be some of the cleanest found in the world. It is possible to drink it right from the lake as long as you are a couple of feet from shore(mosquito larvae is found along the shore). When the sun shines on the lakes they turn an amazing cobalt blue.

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