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Bolita Hostel

Cooling down on the Bolita Hostel trails

When planning my Costa Rica adventure, I wanted three days in Corcovado National Park; however, I wanted to spend more time in the Osa Peninsula. I made arrangements with Osa Rainforest Rentals to stay three days in Dos Brazos. It was a good decision as I got to see a side of the Osa Peninsula […]

Surcos Tours

Booking Surcos Tours in Corcovado National Park

The first time I ventured into Corcovado National Park, it was a disaster on the guide front. I booked a guide through my hostel, and he ended up being the most untrustworthy fellow in the Osa Peninsula, perhaps even in Central America. This time I would not make the same mistake. I met a guide […]

Cariari Bed & Breakfast

Cariari Bed & Breakfast for personal touch in Costa Rica

I have visited Costa Rica three times. The first two times I stayed at Alajuela Backpackers upon arrival. They are located five minutes from the airport. I highly recommend this place, but not everyone enjoys the hostel experience.  Cariari Bed & Breakfast provides a more personal touch and service. Travelers who shy away from hostels […]

Three coffee fueled adventures

Three coffee fueled travel adventures

When I am traveling, you can divide the day into three eight hour periods. There is coffee time, beer time, and sleep. From the moment I wake up until my first beer, my hand is firmly clutched around a cup of coffee. I sometimes get a little sad after finishing my last sip knowing it […]