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This was a first post introducing my trip to Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago earlier this year (2012). I have since written over ten posts on my experience. Click below for some of my most popular posts.
Life is a Carnival when you travel to Trinidad & Tobago as they host one of the world’s greatest parties and yours truly will be on hand to bring the adventure home. Today, in order to begin to set the festive mood, JD Andrews from EarthXplorer will share some inside information from Carnival preparation as he was just there to witness it firsthand.

If you’re not in the middle of it, you’re getting ready for it…or recovering from it! It’s Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago (Feb. 20th, 21st) and in 2012 it’s going to be huge! The celebrating lasts all week with numerous concerts, events, parties, parades, food and fun.

Carnival wouldn’t be the same without the elaborate, colorful costumes that are covered with various sequins, feathers and other sparkly materials.

Trinidad Carnival costume life is a carnival

Carnival costume – Photo courtesy of EarthXplorer

While I was in Trinidad, Jan. 10th – 14th, I had the opportunity to visit one of the many shops that specialize in making these amazing works of art: ISLANDpeople mas. Inside the army of designers work feverishly to get all the costumes completed by the big day.

There are many different designs and themes to see throughout the showroom. Each costume comes in various pieces and the complete set can cost thousands of dollars. A lot of money for something that will be worn only a handful of times and then need to be replaced by the start of carnival week 2013.

Trinidad Carnival costume

Not many places or times when you can wear this walking down the street – Photo courtesy of EarthXplorer

But that’s what carnival is all about, dressing up, having fun and celebrating! It’s said that Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival is the biggest and best in the Caribbean and second in the world behind Brazil’s.

Trinidad Carnival costume

Beautiful bright blue Trinidad Carnival costume – Photo courtesy of EarthXplorer

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival costume

Back to blue – Photo courtesy of EarthXplorer

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival costume

Finally a red devil variety -Photo courtesy of EarthXplorer

Thank you EarthXplorer for lighting the Carnival candles and setting the fun and festive mood. To further get into the Trinidad & Tobago mood, check out some of EarthXplorer’s posts from his time on the islands:

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Which outfit would you like to see Traveling Ted wear at Carnival. The gold one goes best with my hat, but I also have blue eyes.

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