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Asa Wright humminbird Trinidad

An Asa Wright humminbird hovers for a sweet meal at one of the many feeders

Trinidad & Tobago is the Land of the hummingbird

Trinidad & Tobago is a world renowned bird paradise. A big cog in the birding machine in the twin island Republic is the plethora of hummingbirds. Seventeen different species of hummingbirds call Trinidad & Tobago home at some point during the year. This is quite an impressive array of species for two small islands in the Caribbean. On a tour of the Asa Wright Nature Center the hummingbird buzz was on full display.

Asa Wright Nature Center

At Asa Wright Nature Center it is possible to get up and close with these amazing tiny birds -White necked Jacobin

Asa Wright Nature Center a great place to view the hummingbird

The Asa Wright Nature Center is located in central Trinidad and is about an hour plus drive from Port of Spain through twisty sharp mountain roads. To get there, a car will either need to be rented in the capital or a guide will need to be procured. One recommended tour is through Jesse James. He takes visitors to Asa Wright and combines it with Caroni Swamp for a day of birding at around $80.00 per person. Lunch, entrance fees, and transportation is included in the price, and he will even pick you up in Port of Spain. If you go to Asa Wright on your own, the entrance fee is $10.00 and lunch is over $20.00, so the guided fee is worth it.

Land of the hummingbird Trinidad

Another close up of an Asa Wright Nature Center hummingbird in Trinidad

Hummingbird at Asa Wright Trinidad

Asa Wright Nature Center – Hummingbirds do not sit still and pose for the camera for long

Asa Wright humminbird Trinidad

A hummingbird at Asa Wright Nature Center hovers and is ready to hone in on a quick drink

One of the highlights of the Asa Wright Nature Center is the ease with which one can view the birds. A veranda overlooks the jungle and the rim of the overhang is lined with hummingbird feeders. Below the veranda are more feeders and other bird feeders as well. One could sit here all day and watch the feeding birds. Iguanas and agoutis also joined the feeding frenzy.

Asa Wright Nature Center hummingbird Trinidad

Asa Wright Nature Center -They fly so quick they are blur

Asa Wright hummingbird Trinidad

On this day in Trinidad there were actually 18 species of humminbird thanks to this exotic example

Asa Wright Nature Center

Sometimes the hummingbird has to compete at its own feeder – Here a white necked jacobin buzzes around a bananaquit – Asa Wright Nature Center

Asa Wright Hummingbirds Trinidad

Asa Wright Nature Center – Here he comes again

Iguana at Asa Wright Trinidad

A matte picks up the loose chow at Asa Wright Nature Center

Agouti at Asa Wright Trinidad

An agouti as seen from the veranda at Asa Wright Nature Center

“Land of the hummingbird” is believed to be the Native American name for Trinidad. Hummingbirds are also featured prominently  on the coat of arms for Trinidad & Tobago when the country achieved independence from England in 1962. Two flying hummingbirds face each other on a shield.

Trinidad & Tobago coat of arms

Birds and hummingbirds are prominently displayed on the coat of arms – Wikimedia Commons

It is not difficult to see hummingbirds at Asa Wright. You can enjoy watching them all day long at the veranda or you can see them all over the various trails buzzing around flowers. Wear a bright colored shirt and you may even be buzzed yourself.

Humminbird at Asa Wright

Sweet success for the white necked jacobin hummingbird at Asa Wright Nature Center

The hummingbird is an entertaining bird to watch. The nature center also has overnight accomodation for those who want to explore more than a day and really enjoy the jungle, trails, and the wildlife. Come to Asa Wright and to Trinidad and discover for yourself why the island has been referred to as the land of the hummingbird.

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