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Birkie fever 2016

Birkie Fever 2016

This was my fourth American Birkebeiner Marathon or affectionally nicknamed the Birkie. Many who participate ail from Birkie Fever. Symptoms include skiing whenever possible during the winter, checking the forecast every day hoping for snow, and looking forward to a late February weekend in Hayward, Wisconsin. Afflicted with Birkie Fever I am definitely afflicted. I […]

Rocky Mountains Colorado River

Winter weekend getaways

I am a huge fan of camping outdoors; however, when old man winter comes, it is time to stay indoors after the adventure is over. Occasionally I get a wild hare and will winter camp in Wisconsin or in South Dakota, but when I am skiing, it is time to get warmed up after working up […]

Peche Blanche

Montreal ice fishing adventure at Peche Blanche

Montreal winter adventure Montreal is a city of over 1.5 million people with another two million people in the metropolitan area. Whenever you have a city with such a population outdoor adventure opportunities tend to be found farther away. Dense population pushes trees, animals, and trails further from downtown. I found this surprisingly not the […]

Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal

Montreal Old City winter photo essay

Montreal Old City leaves me speechless The Old City of Montreal left me a little speechless. It was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited, but I feel like it is hard to describe for some reason. Perhaps it is because I feel pressure to come up with something unique instead of […]