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Forlorn windmill in the Texas scrub

Forlorn windmill along a lonesome stretch of Texas highway This photo is not the prettiest shot you will see on this website by far. This comes from the desolate stretch of highway between Fort Stockton, Texas and Big Bend National Park. There is nary a town or place to stop along this lonesome stretch of […]

Canadian beaver pond

Canadian beaver pond beauty

Canadian beaver pond This is a familiar site across northern United States and Canada. A species once trapped to near extinction is now thriving and making beautiful ponds like the one above thanks to their crafty dam work. This particular body of water is located in Ontario, Canada near North Bay, Ontario, which is about […]

Spider monkey silhouette

Spider monkey silhouette in Corcovado

Spider monkey silhouette in the rainforest Everyone knows the key to nature pictures and photography in general is do not shoot into the sun and take as many pictures as possible in the hopes that at least one is fantastic. This photograph of a spider monkey in Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica perfectly illustrates […]