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Tour de France

Three Breaks Where Travel Is The Holiday

Traveling, as they say, is all about reveling not only in the beauty of the destination, but also in the journey. At least once in your life, you should experience a holiday based around traveling. It is an instance wherein the travel itself is already a part of your holiday. Below, we will discuss three breaks that […]

Soldier's names on the wall at Thiepval - CRTPicardie

Discover Picardy, France’s best kept secret

There are so many destinations in France that world renowned for amazing history, scenery, food, art, and architecture. Paris of course leads the way, but there are many other places in this incredible country that everyone knows about. Normandy, Brittany, the Loire Valley, Nice, Provence, Chamonix, Giverny, Chartres, and the list goes on and on. […]

outdoor café

Enjoying an outdoor café in Caen, France

There is nothing more European than enjoying the weather, conversation, and a beer or coffee at an outdoor café. While in Puebla, Mexico this year when I saw cobblestone streets occupied with many people sitting under canopies drinking beer and coffee I immediately thought the place felt like Europe. We have outdoor places to eat […]