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three toed sloth Costa Rica

The back of my first sloth

When you go to adventure travel to a new country like Costa Rica and see wildlife, you are probably seeing many animals for the first time. This was very true in Manuel Antonio National Park. First time animals spotted included a tarantula, a green iguana, and three toed sloths.

three-toed sloth Costa Rica

Three-toed sloth in Manuel Antonio National Park

The first sloth we spotted had its back to us. Even though the picture was horrible, I snapped a picture as you never know when you will see another one. I thought for a second that I could just wait for it to turn around and get a better one, but sloths have a notorious reputation for being the laziest animal in the kingdom.

After two minutes of watching it not move, I realized the park closed at 4pm. I feared I might get stuck inside the gates if I waited for this bum to budge, so I moved on.

three-toed sloth Costa Rica

Good shot of the coloring through a telescope

Fortunately, we saw several more sloths, and some of them were actually quite active. Some of the pictures here were taken with my digital camera through a telescope. The guides at Manuel Antonio all had these powerful scopes, which really added to the experience.

Manuel Antonio practically guarantees you will see a sloth inside their park. If you are looking to mark off the laziest animal off your wildlife bucket list, then Costa Rica is the place to do it.

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