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Normandy France

Five reasons to travel to Normandy France

Twenty years ago today, I was lucky to see the 49th anniversary of D-Day ceremonies at Pointe De Hoc and Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. Today is the 69th anniversary of this historic landings. This event would change the world and proved the beginning of the end to the NAZI empire thanks to the already […]

Normandy France countryside

The Normandy countryside from a bus

In 1993, I had the good fortune get a scholarship to study World War II in Normandy, France. I spent a month their in Caen learning more about the war, French culture, and especially the Normandy Campaign.  I fell in love with the Normandy countryside with quint little towns, small farms, and country lanes. This […]

Arromanches Normandy France

Arromanches: A harbor that helped win a war in Normandy, France

During World War II, Allied planners prepared to invade France and breach Hitler’s Atlantic Wall. The German high command were certain they would strike at the Pas-de-Calais, which was the narrowest stretch of land across the English Channel between England and France. They did not think they would land in Normandy.  One of the reasons, […]

Statue of Winston Churchill London

Winston Churchill in Parliament Square in London

This statue of Winston Churchill lies in Parliament Square opposite the Palace of Westminster in London, England. I took this photograph way back in college while studying history at the University of Tennessee. Traveling is a great way to learn history through museums, statues, and even street names. You get to see what famous people […]

A bomb building Hiroshima

Pearl Harbor and the road to Hiroshima

In an all out war like World War II both sides tried to invent newer and more efficient ways to kill each other. Better planes, better tanks, and better bombs were all a product of this savage total war. The Manhattan Project employed some of the biggest geniuses in the world, all in an attempt […]