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Monserrate mountains Bogota

Riding the Monserrate funicular in Bogota

One must visit place in Bogota is the top of Monserrate. You can either climb, take a tramway, or take the Monserrate funicular. Normally I would climb this, but the wonderful family I was staying with wanted me to experience the funicular. For those afraid of heights, this mode of transportation is not for the […]

Colombia bird hoatzin

Colombia bird photo essay

Colombia owns the distinction of having the highest number of bird species of any other country with an astonishing total of 1,871. This was a major draw for me to visit, and although I did not see them all, I did see a decent number since I visited both the Amazon region and the Caribbean […]

Amazon River

Colombia Amazon River photo essay

The title Colombia Amazon River is a bit of a misnomer as most of the pictures in this essay were taken from the Yavari River; however, our base for departure was Leticia, Colombia. We were also not in Colombia for most of this journey. The Yavari River is the border between Brazil and Peru and […]

Amazon jungle tour

How to book an Amazon jungle tour in Leticia

Before I came to Colombia, I searched long and hard on the internet for tips on how to book and Amazon jungle tour out of Leticia. I found some helpful advice on TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet and a few other websites, but there was not a lot of great intel on the subject. Related: What […]

Cartagena Flipkey apartment rental

Cartagena Flipkey apartment rental paradise

For a week and a half I had traveled all around Colombia and stayed at a variety of places. I had stayed in hostels, eco-lodges, hotels, jungle lodges, and even a home in Bogota. Many of the places I stayed at did not have air-conditioning, a swimming pool, and a personal bathroom. My jungle lodge […]