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GoTicket bus train

A ladyboy waiting for a Bangkok train

Ladyboy waiting for a train Only in Bangkok, Thailand will you find a ladyboy waiting for a train. This picture was taken at the train stop just outside of the Don Mueang International Airport. Instead of haggling with the taxis and paying 400 baht, I spent 5 baht and rode with the people.  I had […]

Wat Pho Bangkok Thailand

Wat Pho temples, spires, and more

Wat Pho is number 1 on the list of temples to visit Bangkok is home to over 400 Buddhist temples. Wat Pho is perhaps the biggest, most beautiful, and most important from a historical perspective. With over 400 temples to choose from, this temple should be the first temple complex on your list to visit […]


Five things to do in Bangkok

Thailand blends idyllic beaches and bustling towns with lush countryside and glimmering temples. Tourists flock to the islands that are scattered in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, but the capital is often ignored and treated as merely a stop-off point. If you’re taking an Emirates flight to Bangkok to go island hopping, […]