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Chao Phraya River cruise

The Chao Phraya River cruise begins here

Chao Phraya River cruise as a Bangkok final

On my last day in Thailand, I decided to take a Chao Phraya River cruise and visit a couple places I have already been to. I jumped the Bangkok BTS Skytrain system and got off at Saphan Taksan on the Silom line. The spot is right along the river and it is a short walk to where the boats are.

I picked up a boat for 100 baht ($3.00) that stopped at Wat Arun. I spent about an hour at this beautiful temple and then grabbed a ferry across the river to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. Unfortunately, the Grand Palace was already closed. It closes at 3:30, but Wat Pho is open till close to 6 p.m.

Chao Phraya River cruise

Love checking out the other boats on a Chao Phraya River cruise

It is awesome on its own that some of Bangkok’s best attractions are so close, but being able to see this on a boat cruise is an added bonus. I love seeing the different styles of other boats on the water, plus you get great views of Bangkok, and the temperature is a little cooler on the water. This is a welcome respite from the normal swelter of the city. I also enjoy checking out the birds. There are little islands of seaweed and Javan night herons like to perch on these to hunt for fish and other prey.

Chao Phraya River cruise

Boats flying up the Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya River cruise

Chao Phraya River cruise

The boat that I went on was shared with 10 other people, which is why it was so inexpensive, but you can charter your own driver for slightly more if you want to go solo or with another person. I would recommend coming to this place on your own as if you get a taxi, he will bring you to a place and then you will have to pay extra because the cab gets a cut.

Chao Phraya River cruise

A lot to see along the shores of a Chao Phraya River cruise

Chao Phraya River cruise

Wat Arun comes into view

Wat Arun Bangkok Thailand

Beautiful Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn

Chao Phraya River cruise

Chao Phraya River cruise

Grand Palace from Chao Phraya River

A view of the stunning Grand Palace

Chao Phraya River

Boats out front of Wat Arun

Chao Phraya River cruise

Getting off at the ferry on the Grand Palace side of the river

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