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Theodore Roosevelt National Park scenic drives

Theodore Roosevelt National Park scenic drives

Each national park was created due to its unique beauty. Every national park has some incredible feature only found there that warrants its protection. Bryce Canyon for its hoodoos, Grand Canyon for its enormous canyon with incredible views, the Great Smoky Mountains for its never ending forested mountains. I could go on for each one […]

Exploring Fakahatchee Strand

Exploring Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve

The concept of connectivity An important word in conservation is connectivity. It is a concept that makes our wilderness in North America different from many places around the world. Our wilderness parks are not isolated tracts of land that harbor trapped wildlife populations. Thanks to buffer zones around many national parks, a lot of our […]


Wisconsin farmland is an underrated beauty that feeds us all

This website is dedicated to outdoor recreation in Wisconsin. Hiking, canoeing, skiing, and fishing to name a few are activities that take part in the considerable forest land in this beautiful state. We cannot overlook another enormous aspect of the outdoor lands found in Wisconsin. The farm is a huge part of the outdoors in […]

Custer State Park South Dakota

Custer State Park Wildlife Loop Road scenic drive

In the shadows of the Black Hills, visitors can find another delightful South Dakota outdoor area.  Located only a few miles from Mount Rushmore lies Custer State Park.  The highlight for any visitor is the 18 mile Wildlife Loop Road where buffalo, pronghorn, deer, elk, prairie dogs, hawks, and coyotes roam the plains.  Buffalo are the […]