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Russia has become quite a tourist hub in recent years. With its historical cities, unparalleled landscapes and unique culture, Russia certainly has a lot to offer to the inquisitive travelers. To add to it, Russia also happens to have one of the oldest and most extensive railway networks in the world and if you want to experience this huge railway network, the best way to start is to book train tickets from Moscow to Saint Petersburg By Sapsan Train. This high speed train is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel between the two major cities.

Yaroslavl Russian Train

Yaroslavl Russian train –

 Railways in Russia

 Railways have a rich and interesting history in Russia, the distance between cities in Russia is a lot in comparison to other countries, and therefore, trains are the country’s lifelines. The network is quite well developed and connects even the most distant corners of the country.

If you plan to visit various beautiful cities of Russia, the best way is to use the railway network. The Moscow – St. Petersburg line is the second oldest railway track in Russia and thus holds a lot of cultural and historical significance.

Russian people take pride in their trains, and as a result, they are generally on schedule, comfortable and clean. The landscape is also something that is best enjoyed from inside a train rather than a plane. It is said that the best time to travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg is the morning because of the spectacular view the train journey has to offer.

Moscow night

Moscow at night –

Types of Trains

 In Russia, you will generally find three kinds of trains; high-speed, long distance and electric trains. High speed trains are expensive but definitely worth the money. They generally travel at a speed of 250km/h and the tickets can be bought at the counter or online. The staff is quite polite and you will find the experience quite comfortable.

Long distance trains are the hauler trains which are quite popular with the locals. Their prices are affordable, the seats are comfortable and the presence of sleeping cars also makes the journey more comfortable. However, these trains are much slower as compared to high-speed trains and can be a little difficult for those unaccustomed to long train journeys.

The third type is the electric commuter trains which are generally reserved for travelling between stations within the city. However, sometimes they are used for traveling small distances, but being commuter trains, they are not very comfortable and lack toilets.

Metro St. Petersburg Tube

Metro St. Petersburg Tube – Credit –

 A lot of Russian writers have held the opinion that train journeys in the country are a great way of reflection and knowing the real Russia. The days of frontiers have long gone but the truth remains that trains are the best way of travelling in Russia. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance to ensure a smooth and safe journey. The trains in Russia are not just the best way of getting around but a part of the social and cultural consciousness. So when are you boarding one?

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