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When I am traveling, you can divide the day into three eight hour periods. There is coffee time, beer time, and sleep. From the moment I wake up until my first beer, my hand is firmly clutched around a cup of coffee. I sometimes get a little sad after finishing my last sip knowing it will be 16 hours until my next cup of coffee. Since I am such a fiend, I have a ton of coffee fueled travel adventures to impart.

coffee fueled travel adventures

My coffee fueled adventures started in Costa Rica

Three coffee fueled travel adventures

My first cup of coffee in Costa Rica was an unforgettable experience. I stayed at the Alajuela Backpackers Hostel right near the airport just outside of the San José. I arrived early in the morning, so I was still in the 8 hour zone of coffee time when I arrived. After settling in, I went downstairs to enjoy the free Wi-Fi and coffee. One sip of the coffee, and I was in love. I always make a point to fill my backpack with local coffee in Costa Rica before leaving.

Three coffee fueled adventures

Cheers with my Talavera coffee cup from Mexico

Talavera coffee cup in Puebla, Mexico

I am not a huge souvenir guy when I travel. I take a lot of pictures, and these constitute the majority of my keepsakes. While traveling in Puebla, I had the opportunity to visit a Talavera ceramic workshop. Ceramics is not my cup of tea, but it is my cup of coffee – literally. While on the tour I bought a beautiful Talavera coffee cup.

When I am not traveling, I often sit at home and drink delicious coffee out of my coffee cup bought in Mexico while wishing I was in places like Costa Rica or Mexico. It makes my experience in between trips a little more palatable.

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Cartagena, Colombia the scene of more coffee fueled travel adventures

Hitting coffee joints for Wi-fi

I can think of many different stories involved with stopping at coffee places to sneak a little Wi-Fi. My cross-country ski marathon trip last year involved stopping at many Tim Horton’s in order to plug in my google maps in order to not get lost.

Cartagena Old City Photo Essay

Cartagena is a great place for coffee fueled travel adventures

I did the same thing in Colombia last year. While in Cartagena I stood outside the Juan Velez coffee shop and booked my hotel for the night and then entered the location on Wi-Fi. This was key as the meandering cobblestone streets of Cartagena are not so easy to navigate.

Even in the good old USA, I have been known to snag some Wi-Fi at coffee shops. Last time I traveled through Wisconsin, I found myself in a cell phone dead zone in southwestern Wisconsin. I stopped and had some McDonald’s coffee and hit the Wi-Fi.

Coffee is such an integral part of my life since it encompasses the same amount of time that I sleep. Whether I am traveling or at home, one-third of my existence is with a coffee cup in my hand.

Adventure on!

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