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Castle Neuschwanstein

Castle Neuschwanstein – This post is not about the castle itself

One of the most beautiful castles in the world is Castle Neuschwanstein rising up in the middle of the Bavarian Alps. King Ludwig II ordered the construction of the castle beginning in 1869 and was made in homage to Richard Wagner.

Bavarian Alps Neuschwanstein Germany

Photo of a beautiful alpine lake in the Bavarian Alps from Castle Neuschwanstein

You can do all the research you want when you are on a trip, but some of the best tips do not come from guidebooks but come from fellow travelers. As a college student studying World War II my senior year at the University of Tennessee, I was unleashed for a month of travel in Europe armed with a Eurailpass after my seminar was over.

While in Munich, Germany we met some travelers at the hostel that were embarking to Füssen, which is the town in Bavaria closest to the castle. They invited us along, so we went.

Füssen Bavaria Germany

The Füssen countryside as seen from Castle Neuschwanstein

The castle itself is spectacular. For some great shots of the castle please check out Eurotravelog’s beautiful shots. This post is not so much about the castle, but the amazing scenery around it. We only had time to take the train in and back as our trip was ending. We only had time to check out the castle, eat lunch, go for a short walk around the lake, and catch a train back to Munich.

The title of this post is about the four photos I took not of the castle but from the castle. The castle prominently juts up in the middle of a mountain valley and has pristine views of an alpine lake, the countryside surrounding Füssen, the Bavarian Alps, and even a waterfall.  Not only do you get an amazing castle when you visit here, you get awesome views from the castle.

Bavarian countryside Germany

Who would have thought you get a waterfall with your Castle Neuschwanstein visit

I could have spent weeks here as it was so beautiful. The song “Sound of Music” kept echoing in my head, and I drove my travel mates crazy with my own rendition. My falsetto of Julie Andrews was not as pleasing to the ear as the original version.  The castle has been described as fairy tale like, but so is the town and the countryside.

One of the best memories from the trip was walking around the lake. I still remember saying “gutentag” to all the groups of people we came in contact with which pretty much extended my German dialogue.

Bavarian Alps Füssen Germany

The gorgeous Bavarian Alps will turn you into Julie Andrews

Some travel tips are only good as long as they have current information. Others like the beauty of a fairly like castle, the amazing Bavarian Alps, and the Füssen countryside are sure to stay current for decades. I have no doubt this area is unchanged from when I visited it over twenty years ago.

Another memory I have of this trip is when me and my travel mate returned to Munich, one of the people we were invited to join stayed in Füssen. I was so jealous as I wanted to stay and explore the area as well. It pays to be flexible when on vacation. I will return one day and soak up the scenery of the Bavarian Alps for more than just one day next time.

Füssen is less than a two hour drive from Munich and easily accessible by rail. Tours are plentiful and simple to arrange in Munich.


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