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Canoeing Quetico

I prefer self propelled adventure like canoeing – Here are five adventure travel activities I do not dig

Outdoor adventure travel is not for everyone and the same can be said with each individual adventure travel activity. Some travelers specialize in a certain sport like skiing or scuba diving while others diversify. Some will jump at any adventure no matter what the style or danger while some have their favorites and eschew others.

I prefer canoeing/kayaking, hiking, and skiing. I feel these activities keep me busy and well balanced and they fill up the seasonal calendar. I really enjoy being in the wilderness and seeing wildlife and these three pursuits are great vehicles to explore deep in the wilderness where the mighty tigers lie.

Hiking the Smoky Mountains

I get a thrill out of a hiking trail

I prefer self propelled activities. I like cross-country skiing over downhill skiing although I do enjoy the alpine variety. I like to get out and mix it up with nature and get a work out at the same time.

Now that you know what outdoor adventure travel activities I do like, it is time to talk about the top five I either do not enjoy, have no desire to ever try, or that scare me shitless. The ones I do not enjoy are the polar opposites from the slow paced hiking, canoeing, and cross-country skiing. I am not a big adrenaline junkie as I get a kick from a simple walk in the woods or a paddle on a beautiful lake.

cross-country skiing

A cross-country ski trail to me is supreme adventure

This does not mean you should do them, and I don’t mean to offend those who enjoy these activities. I have a passion for my activities, and therefore I admire and respect those that have a passion for theirs even if it is something I do not enjoy.

5.  Mountain biking

I went mountain biking once in Tennessee, and I got to see a strip of trail from about a foot on either side of my eye. There was no opportunity to look left or right into the woods and check stuff out because if I did I would have hit a rock the wrong way and flown over the handle bars. I felt like getting off the bike and walking, but then my friends would have waited hours for me.

Ziplining Costa Rica

Hey there is a toucan! Where are the breaks on this thing, I want to take a picture! – Wikimedia Commons

4.  Ziplining

Just like in the mountain biking scenario, I prefer to hike through a forest and check stuff out. I really have no desire to scream through the forest like a bat out of hell through the trees. Do they have brakes on those lines? What if I see an amazing bird or mammal in the trees? Can I stop on a dime?  I can see the appeal as I am sure it is an adrenaline rush, but I will get my thrills in other ways.

3. Jet skiing

One time I was canoeing on a lake in Minnesota and some jerk started circling me with a jet ski. I am not a violent person, but this ass was about one more circle away from getting a flying paddle right to his teeth.


Looks fun, but no thanks

2.  Snowmobiling

I think you kind of see the theme here. I would rather take my time and cross-country ski through the forest than scream through on a snowmobile.

A friend once told me a story in Minnesota.  Three guys were snowmobiling through the woods. The first two passed successfully through a copse of trees. The third guy was a little behind. After the first two cleared the woods a moose pulled out in front of the trail right in front of the unlucky third snowmobiler who ran into the moose resulting in his decapitation.

Most times when two snowmobiles go flying through the woods the moose run in the opposite direction at full speed. This tragic story is a true and crazy story of fate. When it is your time it is your time.

Hearing this story reminded me of an experience cross-country skiing in Minnesota. Once I was flying around a corner going downhill on cross-country skis in same area of Minnesota and a huge bull moose was in the middle of the trail. I bailed out and the moose took off. On skis I had time to slow down and crash and keep my head.

Minnesota snowmobiling

The Minnesota wilderness where the two moose stories took place

1. Rock climbing

A rock climber sees a rock in front of his face for hours. While I admire the concentration, and I know once the task is completed he sees an amazing view, but I would prefer to see one amazing view after another hiking through the woods. Although I am not scared of heights, it is not my desire to put myself at the mercy of gravity on purpose.

Honorable mentions: caving and bungee jumping

In an episode coming soon, I will analyze five adventure travel sports I would like to try that I have not.


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