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A few short weeks ago, I shared five adventure travel activities that I am not really into. It is not that I hated those activities, and if I ever were forced to partake, I am sure I would enjoy and have a good time. Traveling Ted is no Debby Downer.

I do prefer my core activities of hiking, canoeing, and skiing. Those three activities keep me busy year round. I feel if I go off and try every new adventure activity that comes down the block, I would be neglecting what I truly enjoy.

There are a few outdoor adventure sports that do intrigue me that I have never tried. Given the opportunity, I would love to try them, and one day I am sure I will.

4. Fly fishing

I do enjoy fishing, especially when I am at a place where the fishing is awesome like Quetico Provincial Park in Canada. I also do a yearly walleye trip to Wisconsin. Fishing is a very soothing activity.

Fly fishing is a genre of fishing, which I have never tried, but looks amazing. The book and movie A River Runs Through it really makes the activity look appealing. I was recently kayaking the Brule River in Wisconsin and came across a couple of fly fisherman working the river for trout. They seem so in tune with the wilderness and the outdoors.

Fly Fishing Wisconsin

A fly fisherman on the Brule River in Wisconsin – They seem so in tune with the outdoors

3. Surfing

I do enjoy skiing, and surfing seems like a water type of skiing. I almost tried it while in Costa Rica last year, and I did some boogie boarding in Trinidad & Tobago earlier in the year, which really whetted my appetite for some gnarly waves.

2. Scuba Diving

I enjoy exploring the wilderness and seeing wildlife while I am hiking and canoeing. The underwater world is a whole new frontier, which I have yet to submerge myself into. I have done some snorkeling and loved it, but scuba is basically snorkeling on steroids without sacrificing a trip to the Hall of Fame.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving gives a peek into another world

1. Whitewater kayaking

I have done some whitewater rafting, and I enjoyed it. A week ago I had a great time doing some class II whitewater on the Brule River in Wisconsin. I would like to learn more about this sport and do some more challenging water.

In my post about adventure travel activities I did not really care for, I eschewed the more adrenaline junkie options. This is one fast paced outdoor activity that I would like to try and is the exception.

Before I try more righteous rapids, I would like to get more training. It can be a dangerous activity if you tip, so learning the Eskimo roll would be essential for more hardcore rapids.

Brule River Wisconsin

A ledge on the Brule River creating class II whitewater, which I kayaked successfully over recently in Wisconsin

What are some adventure travel activities that are on your bucket list? Please chime in below and comment.

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