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Wisconsin Walley days

Wisconsin Walley days is a harbinger for spring

A harbinger of spring is the annual Wisconsin Walley Days fishing festival in Nekoosa  along the Wisconsin River. Each year walleyes come up to the dam to spawn and where walleyes congregate, fisherman will follow.

The premier spot is along Pointe Basse Road just down from the dam and paper plant. Smoke billowing out from the plant is not the most scenic backdrop for a Wisconsin fishing outing, nor the greatest smell either if the wind is blowing from that direction, but if you concentrate on downriver and the fishing, it will not dampen the beauty of the river too much.

The only difficulty with the experience is the unpredictable Wisconsin April weather. Last year the temperature gauge hung around freezing and rain and snow pelted fishermen during a brutally cold day. The experience this year was a different story with beautiful blue skies and billowing white clouds.

Walleye Days in Nekoosa, Wisconsin

Beautiful day for fishing at Nekoosa, Wisconsin during Walleye Days

Saturday was Kid’s Day and the weather smiled on the young ones. It was a little overcast, but the sun came out around noon and soon warmed the hordes of fishermen who came out to enjoy the beautiful day with their friends and families.

Walleye Days is a festival that runs for four weeks every March and April and features fun contests throughout and days like Kid’s Day. The purpose is to promote fishing on the Wisconsin River. Get started at Sunrise bait and tackle, get a fishing license, and head on out to the river.

Walleye Days Nekoosa, Wisconsin

Beautiful day for a day out fishing along the Wisconsin River in Nekoosa

Walleyes must be between 15 and 20 inches to keep. Make sure you know the rules and stick to them because the rangers make an appearance to check fish and fishing licenses almost daily. Wisconsin state law is stiff and expensive with fishing laws, so you do not want to add a $200.00 fine to your trip to the river.

Walleye Days Nekoosa Wisconsin

This fish definitely does not fall into the keeper category

The fun never stops in Nekoosa once the fishing is over for the day. Make a stop at Foley’s Nita Brew for some great food, a few point beers, and some pool. Karen the bartender will take good care of you.

Foley's Nita Brew Nekoosa

Foley’s Nita Brew in downtown Nekoosa

Foley's Nita Brew

Having a good time after fishing at Foley’s Nita Brew in Nekoosa

Another trip to Nekoosa Walley Days is over but I am already looking forward to next year’s adventure: just as long as it does not snow.

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