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Costa Rica raccoon

Masked bandits enjoying the loot

I posted yesterday on an unfortunate experience I had with a shrewd guide at Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica. I said in that post it would be the only negative about my trip. Well, I lied: sort of as I was robbed blind by local bandits.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica raccoons

Just like every bandit knows when to fold ’em – Bandits know when to make a getaway

These bandits were right out of the wild west. They even had masks. The only difference – these criminals were kind of cute. At Quepos an ex-pat at a bus stop recommended when I go to Manuel Antonio National Park I should stay five hours and bring drinks and snacks. I followed his advice and loaded up on Tang and granola bars and headed for the park.

After the incredible tour was over our guide left us at the Playa Manuel Antonio beach for the rest of the day to lounge and swim. I met three really cool guys from the University of Buffalo, and we hung out together at the beach. One of them warned there was movement where we left our towels.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica raccoons

The curse of every bandit is they return to the scene of their crimes- these were no different

I arrived to scare off a troop of armed bandits wearing masks. They were armed with teeth and claw. They were a marauding group of raccoons. They had opened my backpack and were sorting through my stuff. Fortunately, these bandits had no use for passports, cameras, and wallets. They wanted the peanut butter granola bars.

Just like that, my well made out plans for a snack on the beach was destroyed. They took the whole box. Luckily, one had fallen out, and it was not chewed on, so I was able to enjoy some sustenance while I hung out at the beach. Sadly, they also ruined a packet of strawberry tang. In some parts of the world that despicable act requires capital punishment.

Manuel Antonio raccoons in Costa Rica

Bandits hard at work

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica raccoon

This banditry is hard work – Yawn

When you come to Manuel Antonio, definitely check out the beach as it is gorgeous, but make sure you have some protection for your food. Brendan, from Brendan’s Adventures had the same thing happen to him. Do not become a victim of the Manuel Antonio bandits.

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