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Trollhaugen Ski Area

On the edge at Trollhaugen Ski Area

The first snow of the year has hit northern Wisconsin, but Trollhaugen Ski Area has been making snow for a week or two, so they have opened for some great downhill skiing. Located in Dresser, Wisconsin close to the Minnesota border, Trollhaugen is a local favorite for Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois downill skiers. TT The [...]

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Wisconsin downhill ski review: Trollhaugen Ski Area

Our guinea pig for the first downhill ski review is Trollhaugen Ski Area. When the whole state, not to mention most of the nation, was without snow, Trollhaugen was the only place around with snow. I am glad I had a chance to come up here and check it out, and I will definitely be [...]

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Trollhaugen Ski Area Dresser Wisconsin

Trollhaugen Ski Area photo essay

The 2011-2012 snow season has gotten off to a tremendously slow start in most of Wisconsin and the Midwest. Not areas in Wisconsin enjoyed a white Christmas. Thanks to man-made snow, Trollhaugen has been the place to ski in the Midwest so far this year. I drove up for a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed myself [...]

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Trollhaugen Ski Area action photo

Trollhaugen Ski Area in Dresser, Wisconsin near the Minnesota border has been a hot spot lately for downhill skiing since this winter has had a really slow start in regards to snow. Fortunately, this location can carpet all of its runs with man-made snow, so as long as it is cold enough the ski area [...]

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Trollhaugen ski area Wisconsin

Escaping the adventure travel in betweens at Trollhaugen, Wisconsin

This weekend, I had a chance to escape the in betweens at Trollhaugen Ski Area in Dresser, Wisconsin. What are the in betweens you wonder? It can mean a lot of things. Famed White Sox baseball announcer Hawk Harrelson says it is the worst place to be in. In baseball terminology, it is when a [...]

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