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Guyana cocktails

Cocktails from Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago: #frifotos

What traveler does not love a cocktail? Traveling and cocktails go hand-in-hand like Sonny and Cher, Simon & Garfunkel, and Batman & Robin. Two places I have enjoyed a good cocktail in the last year have been the Caribbean destinations of Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana. It has come to my attention that Mrs. O […]

wining Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad is the best kept secret of the Caribbean

Trinidad is the best kept secret of the Caribbean. A lush tropical isle populated with a cosmopolitan mix of intelligent people makes this a favorite travel destination. This is a guest post from a friend who lived in Trinidad & Tobago for two years. Food Trinidad & Tobago is not xenophobic. They love foreigners, they […]

Trinidad & Tobago

Five OMG adventure travel experiences from 2012

2012 has been a great year with many adventure travel experiences having me yell “Oh my god.” I have visited three foreign countries, a couple of national parks, skied cross-country ski trails, and canoed many rivers.  Of those experiences, here are the top five from 2012. It was a difficult choice and even the most […]

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago is a blast

Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago hosts one of the world’s best parties. The twin island Republic really lives it up for the two days of Carnival and everyone participates. Those that do not dress up, come and watch as the town of Port of Spain swells to twice its population during this annual celebration. TT […]

Felix Menocal Costa Rica

Five adventures overseas that went wrong

In an earlier post this week, I reflected on five camping or outdoor experiences where for one reason or another, the trip turned into a debacle. Whether it was the weather, other people, or just a fluke accident, things can go wrong when on an adventure outdoors. Mishaps and misadventures can happen anywhere unfortunately, and […]