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cocktails in Guyana

Life is more interesting seen through a pina colada

What traveler does not love a cocktail? Traveling and cocktails go hand-in-hand like Sonny and Cher, Simon & Garfunkel, and Batman & Robin. Two places I have enjoyed a good cocktail in the last year have been the Caribbean destinations of Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana.

Guyana cocktails

Guyana cocktails plus a little fresh coconut water

It has come to my attention that Mrs. O is hosting #Frifotos, the weekly travel blogging photo sharing Friday fun. When Mrs. O says “jump,” I say how high and when she says post something about cocktails, well she does not have to ask twice.

Tropical heat and Caribbean Rum equals the perfect environment to enjoy a cocktail. I am usually a beer person, but when it is so hot that your beer is warm after your second sip it is time for an ice cold cocktail. When the tropical heat is so hot and humid that it sucks the hydration out of you like a flowbee hair cutter, it is time for a cocktail. When your mouth is so parched you think the Sahara is an oasis, it is time for cocktail. The question is, when is it not time for a cocktail? Answer: I am not quite sure, but I do know the time for a cocktail and the time is Friday. Thank God it is Friday Fotos.

Cocktails in Guyana

A pina colada at Hibiscus in Georgetown, Guyana

The main rum of Guyana is the famed El Dorado named after the long lost mythical city of gold supposedly to be found in the jungles of South America. They never did find it, but they did make an excellent rum that travelers sipping cold cocktails will think is gold.

During Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago last year, I had the pleasure of mixing some black label rum with coconut water.  A tasty and scrumptious treat that had me hooked. It is not hard to find a rum concoction during Carnival. Just about every booth is well stocked along the main route of the parade.

Trinidad & Tobago cocktail

It is not hard to find a coconut in these two Caribbean countries – Just ask a local with a machete to assist

In Guyana, a couple of outstanding places can be found where a good cocktail can be enjoyed. The Hibiscus club had the full spectrum of cocktails from pina colados to all sorts of parasol laden beverages. The Latino Club  in the Pegasus Hotel is another outstanding destination with some amazing frozen cocktails.

Guyana cocktails

Speaking of machetes – the Brazilian Churrascaria is where it is at for caiprinhas in Guyana

Guyana borders Brazil, so the famous caipirinha has not surprisingly slipped past border patrol without the need of a passport. The Brazilian Churrascaria and the bar inside the Cara Lodge are famous around the city for duplicating this Brazilian treasure.

What are you favorite cocktail/destinations while traveling?


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