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Discovering Japan with a Japan Rail Pass

Discovering Japan with a Japan Rail Pass: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started Japan is one of the world’s most vibrant countries, where past and present collide to give way to a future full of possibilities. A place where a breath-taking mix of ancient traditions, culture and old shrines sit starkly juxtaposed against towering […]

Dubai Fountain

Exploring the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. The land which holds the promise of desert roses and Arabian nights, there is a strange mystic charm associated to UAE. If you are planning a romantic trip for two to this beautiful part of the world, make sure […]

Yerevan singing fountains

How to spend an eventful weekend in Yerevan

Do you plan to visit Armenia and its bright and colorful capital Yerevan? If so, you won’t regret as this small city has so many interesting offers for a pleasant and unforgettable time. And we hope that our detailed guide will be useful during your holiday in Armenia and you’ll have an eventful time in […]

Bengal tiger Sunderbans

Sundarbans National Park India

Sundarbans National Park India namesake Sundarbans or “Shundorbon” can be literally translated to “Beautiful Forest.” Sundarbans National Park is located in West Bengal on the eastern side of India. Here the country curls into a forested nook that is exemplary in every way. Besides being one of the 34 biodiversity hot-spots in the world, it […]


Uzbekistan: a primer and a sampler

If you’ve traveled for a few dozen years and several times that many countries, it’s easy to fall into an attitude of, “been there, done that.” But, like a bowl of half-eaten peanuts mixed with hulls, there’s always one left in there somewhere, if only you look hard enough. The problem is that unless you’re […]

Trekking with kids

Trekking for kids in magnificent mystical Nepal

Welcome to magnificent mystical Nepal. So said the sign as we arrived in Kathmandu to begin a 3 week long journey working in an orphanage and trekking to Everest Base Camp.  We were full of anticipation and wonder, hoping that Nepal would prove to live up to this promise. Combining my love of outdoor adventure […]

Malaysia Asia adventures

5 Lesser Known Asia adventures

Everyone knows about Angkor Wat,  Halong Bay, and other Asia adventures, but today’s Guest Post by Sofia von Porat from AsWeTravel provides information on five lesser known destinations. Traveling in South and Southeast Asia is a chaotic, crazy and awesome experience, and it’s so different from the West that just visiting the local morning market […]