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If you want to get some fresh air, bask in the sunlight, or wonder in delight at the night sky, you may want to consider going for camping.

Camping is one of those activities that have everyone ticking off the days on their calendars, eager to pack and hit the road. Different camping spaces have various experiences associated with them. From hiking trails, star gazing, wildlife and water sights, camping is an experience that gives a life-long memory to be shared.

Best camping locations in the world

Best camping locations in the world

Here are the top 7 best camping locations in the world outside the United States that must be on your bucket list.

Seven Best camping locations in the world

  1. Asturias, Spain

Camping in Spain is appreciated by the ones who love fishing. The water bodies that are embraced by the Asturias are the lifeline for the Spanish fishing communities. You can enjoy fishing as an activity, while interacting with the locals whose micro economy leans on fishing. After a long day of fishing, you can cook your meal for the day and enjoy your smoked fish on the beach fronts of the Asturias.

The locals will surely enjoy telling you myths and tales about the different sea caves that surround you. It’ll make your camping experience much more authentic as you indulge in the local interactions and dynamics. Be sure to get quality fishing equipment that can handle big fish found here. You are assured of quality camping equipment at

Sirena Station lodging

Camping at Sirena Station in Corcovado National Park

2 Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica 

There’s no way a tropical camping space can be left out on the list of best places to camp. Home to cocktails, sun, biological reserves and biodiversity, Costa Rica is one amazing place for a camping trip. The water adventurists will enjoy rainforest excursions and deep-sea diving that comes with the National Park. Make sure to bring the appropriate attire and gear that you won’t mind getting drenched in!

3 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

If you wish to experience an unconventional style of camping, you should head down to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe in Africa. It’s a home to beautiful falls and world heritage site, popularly referred as ‘The Smoke That Thunders’. Camping in Zimbabwe signifies you’ll be having an adventurous experience in the space of wildlife. All campsites are within the confines of a lodge or a hotel, because Victoria Falls is situated in the wild.

For your safety, you’ll have to be within the camping walls at a certain time in the evenings, as when the dark sets in, the nocturnal animals become active. A herd of elephants will sure greet you from the gates, while lions will be on the prowl for perhaps a buffalo for dinner. During the day time, you can enjoy the safari drive with the tour guides. However after your dinner, your confined tent is the place to enjoy the rest of the evening.


Best camping spots in the world

4 Jasper National Park, Canada

Home to hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers from the ice fields of Columbia and lakes; Jasper National Park is one huge water body that’ll make your camping experience relaxing. Camping in Jasper National Park means treading with caution. You’ll be sharing the space with wolverines, wolves and grizzly bears, so you cannot pitch a tent just anywhere. As long as you follow the camping rules of the various camping spaces, you’ll be safe and enjoy the camping experience.

5 Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Kenya offers diverse camping thrills. If you visit between July and October, you may experience the migration of thousands of wildebeest, zebras and antelopes across East Africa. This is a breathtaking sight and a treat for the photographers.

You can admire the mini volcanoes spread all over Kenya, climb Mount Kilimanjaro or enjoy a hot air balloon trip across the wild. There’s a treat for all campers in Kenya.

West MacDonnell National Park

West MacDonnell National Park – Wikimedia Creative Commons Public Domain

6 Outback, Australia

It the safari isn’t the best option for you, but you enjoy being surrounded by deserts and plains then Australia Outback is the right place to find a great camping spot and a mountain biking trail. You can enjoy a barbeque night in the quietude of the desert. Moreover, when you break a sweat, the rivers are there to cool you down. In the evenings the stargazing will brighten up the night sky.

7 Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand 

Those of you who enjoy exploring and hiking, Mount Cook National Park is calling your name. You can go as deep into the mountains are your legs can carry you. When you need to rest, the mountain has alpine huts to shelter you. Hence, you’ll enjoy the healing effects that nature brings while you keep fit during your explorations.


The best places to go camping are near and far, across the globe. From the motherland continent, Canada, Spain, Australia, Costa Rica and New Zealand, there are several places to include in your camping list. Make sure to invest in quality camping gear so that you are assured of comfort during your adventures. Enjoy the treats and jewels of the nature and feel blessed!