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Kenya must be one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to visit in Africa, and although many people go there to hike and fish, it’s definitely best known for wildlife viewing. If you’ve never visited Kenya or Eastern Africa before, you might not know where the game viewing can be had. Here’s a list of the five must-see safari spots in Kenya, whether you’re visiting with your family or solo and seeking a thrill:

 For photographers: snap some flamingos at Lake Nakuru
Home to a dozen small volcanoes and sparkling lakes, this area must be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Situated in the protected Lake Nakuru National Park, its abundance of algae attracts many birds, but most noticeably flamingos, to the shoreline.

Kenya safari spots

Flamingos at Lake Nakuru National Park

For families: explore the ‘Land of the Giants’ in Amboseli
Home to the big five, this wildlife park is one of the most popular in Kenya because of its abundance of animals, which graze beneath the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Known in particular for the large number of elephant herds that graze the lowveld, the park provides a picture-postcard experience of Kenya.

For thrill seekers: Masai Mara Game Reserve
Most of you will have read about the Great Wildebeest Migration, which is surely one of Earth’s most amazing phenomenon. Over two million herbivores begin the journey in search of lush areas where they can breed in safety before returning to grasslands in Kenya. If you’re not afraid of heights, book a hot air balloon and enjoy a panoramic view of the whole reserve.

For climbers: ascend Mount Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa
Situated within the Mt. Kenya National Park, this World Heritage Site provides some of the most impressive views of Eastern Africa, and you can explore “Afro-alpine” terrain while camping and viewing game, including elephants, a range of buck, tree hyrax and mongooses.

For black rhino conservationists: visit Lewa
Set up as a private game reserve to protect the black rhino, which has sadly been hunted almost to extinction, this park offers lodges where visitors can stay and provides game viewing on foot, on the back of a camel or in a game vehicle.

Kenya safari spots


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Image credits: Lake Naseru and black rhino



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