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So you have traveled through Saudia Arabia and you are considering your next country. Saudia Arabia is centrally located to several other fascinating countries in the region. Book a flight to nearby countries using مصر للطيران Below are five flight adventures for your next travel experience outside of Saudia Arabia.

Five flight adventures

Saudia Arabia – Wikimedia Commons – By Peter Dowley from Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Desert canyon, CC BY 2.0,

Five flight adventures outside Saudia Arabia


Egypt is not only the most fascinating country in the Middle East, it is one of the most desired countries to visit in the world. Just about everyone has the Nile, the Sphinx, and of course the Pyramids on their bucket list. Egypt also has a few off the radar national parks and places to visit outside Cairo that look very interesting and merit a visit. Check out the related article linked below. In case you need a hotel, فنادق القاهرة has you covered.

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Blue Mosque Sultanahmet

The amazing Blue Mosque in Istanbul


Istanbul is one of the most incredible cities I have ever visited. I will never forget when I got off the subway in the Sultanahmat neighborhood and the stop was in between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia. I only spent 20 hours in the city on a layover, but I long to return. Besides Istanbul, Turkey has other worthwhile adventures like Cappadocia to check out.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai – Wikimedia Commons – By Ian and Wendy Sewell –, CC BY 2.5,


The only thing you need to know about Dubai is it is possible to go downhill skiing there in the middle of desert. You can also travel outside the city into the desert. In between winter and hottest summer there is much to do in this ultra-modern city. Another item travelers can check off their list is visiting the world’s tallest building. The amazing Burj Khalifa delights visitors and residents alike with its ultra-modern design.


Just next door to Saudia Arabia lies Jordan. Jordan is becoming one of the most popular destinations. Perhaps it all those photos from Petra found on Instagram. Just like Egypt, Jordan is a history buff’s dream. Many different kingdoms called Jordan home including the Kingdom of Moab, the Roman Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. Ruins and remains can be found by all of them and will definitely keep travelers entertained and busy visiting these sacred sights.

Philippine rice terraces

Take a flight to the Philippines from Saudia Arabia


The airport in Saudia Arabia can even get you out of the region completely and into Southeast Asia. The Philippines await after your trip through Saudia Arabia. Check out the rice terraces in Batad or the beautiful beaches of Palawan and Boracay. There are thousands of islands in the Archipelago nation and each one has a unique adventure, food, and of course friendly people.

Whether you want to travel near or far outside of Saudia Arabia, flights from Saudia Arabia can take you there.

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