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Egypt is a bucket list item for me. It is one of those mythical places I kept hearing about and learning about as a child right up there with the Amazon River. I made the Amazon a reality several years ago when I visited Colombia, and I aim to do the same with Egypt in the near future. To experience Egypt, first you must get to Egypt. Don’t worry, Nesma Airlines has you covered.

The Pyramids and the Sphinx are the first two items on any travelers list, but when I travel, I enjoy seeing places a little less well known after checking off the main tourist spots. Here are the places I hope to visit in Egypt in the near future.

Feluccas Egypt

Felucca have been running the Nile for centuries as evident by this photo from the 1880s – Join the long list of Felucca sailors – U.S. Public Domain – By Facchinelli, Beniamino 1829?-1895? – Gallica, Public Domain,

Nile cruise

A Nile cruise is right up there with the Pyramids and the Sphinx on places to visit in Egypt. Rivers hold a special place in my heart from my hometown Chicago River to visiting the Amazon in South America. I spend a great deal of the fair weather months exploring nearby rivers in Wisconsin and elsewhere in my canoe. Therefore, it is not surprise that I would make a bee line for one of the greatest rivers in the world.

When exploring a river, I prefer to get as close to it as possible. This is why I prefer a canoe. A luxury cruise would be great, but I also would like to get up close and personal with the river. With it being such a big river a bigger boat would probably be in order. This is why a felucca ride on the Nile sounds ideal. A felucca is basically an Egyptian sailboat. You can just walk down to the docks in Luxor and find a captain and a boat and negotiate a price to go sailing on the Nile.

Mount Catherine Egypt

Egypt’s highest peak – Mount Catherine in Saint Katherine Protectorate – Wikimedia Creative Commons – By gloria_euyoque –, CC BY 2.0,

Visit an Egyptian National Park

Egypt is mostly known for its ancient history and the Nile, but not much for its natural resources. Egypt has roughly 17 national parks throughout the country. I have never heard of any of them, which intrigues me. Saint Katherine Protectorate lies in the rugged mountainous area of the South Sinai. It includes the countries highest mountain, Mount Catherine, at 8,625 feet. Visitors can also check out Saint Catherine’s Monastery, which is one of the world’s oldest working Christian monasteries as it was built in 565.

You will not see the type of flora and fauna in Egyptian National Parks as you would farther south in places like Kenya and Botswana; however, there are some interesting animals to see in Egypt. One can spot an ostrich in Gabal Elba National Park, sea turtles in Nabaq Protected area, and marine life in Ras Muhammad. Many of the parks are rarely visited by tourists due to lack of knowledge and inaccessibility. Looks like some great places to explore.

White Desert Egypt

I am dreaming of a White Desert – Wikimedia Creative Commons – By Zadokite at English Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5,

White Desert

Bing Crosby dreamed of a White Christmas, but I think I am dreaming of the White Desert. The White Desert is just outside Cairo and features snow colored rock and chalk formations against the sandy brown desert. It is easy to book tours where one can explore the desert and then camp out among the starts at night for a true Bedouin experience.

After visiting the Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Sphinx, it is time to check out more places that Egypt has to offer. The Nile River, an Egyptian National Park, and the White Desert are three places to experience after the main hot spots before you leave Eygpt.

Adventure on!