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Jamaica is popularly known for Bob Marley tunes, beautiful beaches, and red stripe beer. There is more to this Caribbean island country than “no woman, no cry.” Reggae music might be enough to induce some to visit; however, many are looking for more than music and sitting at the beach when they book a vacation. The question is though, where can one find Jamaica adventure?

Jamaica adventures

Jamaica adventures found on the infographic

Finding Jamaica adventure

It might be difficult to find Jamaica adventures; however, thanks to this collaboration with dealchecker, we have been put on the right path. Using the embedded infographic, we have a clue for where to look.

Five Jamaica Adventures

Kool Running Adventure Park

The first one is an easy one as the name gives it away. Kool Runnings Adventure Park in Negril is a water park, but much more. Besides have the normal activities a water park has like water slides and wave pools there is also paintball, laser combat, go carts, rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. They have it all when it comes to water adventures and even some land ones. Easy to see that this adventure is for the whole family.

Jamaica adventures

Dunn’s River Falls – Wikimedia Creative Commons

Hike to a waterfall

There is nothing better than a hike to a waterfall. The infographic includes two – Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios and Reach Falls in Port Antonio. Reach Falls features views of the incredibly lush tropical Montane Forrest with 23 species of ferns. There is even a natural heart shaped jacuzzi.

Dunn’s River Falls is another gem for swimming in Jamaica. Swimming on a beach is one thing, but dipping in cool pools among plummeting water is another thing altogether. One look at the picture and you can see why.

Rafting Rio Grande

Rafting down the Rio Grande in Jamaica – Wikimedia Creative Commons

Raft the Rio Grande River

Looking for an adventurous experience that is also relaxing? Rafting the Rio Grande River is both at the same time. The slow moving river provides three hours of beautiful scenery, opportunities to swim, and the chance to see interesting wildlife like herons, egrets, and schools of fish. Word on the street says that there are even enterprising vendors with rafts full of red stripe. An adventure with a cool red stripe takes the experience to another level.

Kayak from Dolphin Cove to Dunn’s River Falls

If you do not want to hike to the waterfalls, you can always kayak to it. After you swim with dolphins in Dolphin Cove, rent a kayak and paddle up for a swim in Dunn’s River Falls. Dunn’s River Falls is so cool, it encompasses two entries.

Wikimedia public domain

No getting blue in the Blue Mountains thanks to views like this – Wikimedia Public Domain

Explore the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a range along the east coast of Jamaica. Hiking and mountain biking are the best ways to explore this under developed area. Besides great trails to explore, the area is also home to Blue Mountain coffee, which is world class. Tours of the coffee plantation can be arranged. Waterfalls seem to be the theme of this post and the Blue Mountains features more of these with more options to swim after a hot hike climbing up and down the mountainous terrain.

Jamaica may be my next March adventure

Every year when the skiing season ends, I head to somewhere warm. Last year it was Costa Rica, and this year it was Nicaragua. After researching Jamaica adventures, my next warm weather trip just might be to this beautiful island country.

Adventure on!

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