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Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to try out the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket during a cross-country skiing trip. The product is something I would be more inclined to use hiking, but I am done with backpacking for the season. By taking it with me skiing, I could definitely see the usefulness of the product and look forward to bringing it on my next backpacking trip.

Pike Trail Pocket Blanket

Pike Trail Pocket Blanket inside the package

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Skiing the Birkie for a Pike Trail Pocket Blanket review

I set off for a 20 kilometer skiing trip on the American Birkebeiner. The Pike Trail Pocket Blanket fit easily into my fanny pack. When tucked inside the package it is small enough to easily fit into any pack, but it also has a carbiner clip. I opted not to use the carabiner since I did not want it dangling while I was skiing; however, I definitely could see using the clip when backpacking.

Carabiner Clip Pike Trail

Showing off the carabiner clip although I did not use it this way skiing

Pike Trail Pocket Blanket is multi purpose

While I would not consider myself a lightweight hiker, any backpacker needs to concern themselves with weight. The Pike Trail Pocket Blanket has many uses. Multipurpose items are critical in the backpack. Instead of carrying both a mini tarp, a tent ground cloth, and a ground cloth for sitting on the ground, the Pocket Blanket works for all three and eliminates the need for extra things in the backpack.

Snack time Pike Trail Pocket Blanket

Enjoying snack time while sitting on the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket during a recent skiing trip

Since I was skiing in 20 degree weather, I thought of another useful purpose for the blanket. It could be used as an emergency blanket. When I go camping, I always bring more electronics than the average bear. While on canoeing trips, I bring a straw mat to put all of my electronics on to protect them from the sand and the dirt, but I the item is too bulky to bring hiking. The Pike Trail Pocket Blanket would be perfect for this use.

Pike Trail Pocket Blanket

Pike Trail Pocket Blanket spread out on the snow

Durable material

One glance and feel of the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket, and I could tell it was built to last. Made with reinforced waterproof rip stop nylon, the Pocket Blanket will survive the sharpest sticks and hardest stones. I could tell the minute I grabbed it out of the pocket that the material was top notch. It just has a quality feel to it that needs no explanation.

Baxter State Park

I definitely could see the addition of the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket into this scene

List of Pike Trail Pocket Blanket uses

  • Blanket for sitting on the ground or sand
  • Tarp to protect from wind and rain
  • Place to put camera, iPhone, and other electronics to keep safe from dirt and sand
  • Ground cover for inside of tent
  • Emergency blanket

I definitely see how the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket will be a perfect addition to my backpack. It will actually eliminate other items; therefore, making my backpack lighter instead of the reverse. I cannot wait to use it on my next backpacking trip, but I will also use it for all my outdoor trip.

Only issue

My only issue with the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket is the packaging is too small. When you first get it, the item fits perfectly in the little bag, but one can never duplicate the manufacturer’s packaging once it is taken out. My first attempt was done while skiing, so I was cold and in a hurry to start again, so I need to give it another try. I do prefer that the packaging is a little bigger than necessary as I am not the neatest folder and do not want to make the effort to fold the item perfectly.

Disclosure of Material Connection

I received the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket for free from Pike Trail in consideration for a gear review.

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