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There’s few better holiday destinations than a Norway winter adventure. With it’s incredible scenery, breath-taking natural beauty and array of amazing things to see and do, it makes the ideal destination for a winter break. The scenic country is complete with everything from a natural phenomenon to cosmopolitan cities and world class ski resorts. Here’s why you should head to Norway for a winter adventure holiday.

Norway northern lights

Norway winter adventure – Northern Lights – Wikimedia Creative Commons

The Northern Lights

One of the best reasons to visit Norway for a winter adventure holiday is to see the stunning northern lights. Between October and March visitors to Norway can witness the famous Aurora Borealis light up the rugged mountains in an array of dazzling colours. For the best chance of seeing them head out between 6pm and 1am when it’s darkest or join a guided tour.  Tours organized through Exodus Travels take visitors to some of the best hotspots.

Norway winter adventure

Visit Oslo because it is the perfect scene for a Norway winter adventure – Wikimedia Creative Commons

The City of Oslo

Eastern Norway’s biggest treat, the city of Oslo is a number one reason so many people visit Norway. Famed for its vibrant social scene and proximity to breath-taking nature. It’s a capital city with a difference unlike many other European cities. There are tons of clubs and bars to visit. Music is a great part of the cities culture. Be sure to experience a traditional Norwegian rock band while there. Or if you’re looking for something a little more cultural head to the Norwegian Opera and Ballet house where you’ll find some amazing productions.


Norway has some of the best skiing in the world. For those adventure seekers who love to hit the slopes, this country cannot be beat.  Whether it’s cross country skiing or jumps, there’s a variety of amazing resorts with powder white snow for around six months of the year guaranteed. There are many traditional Norwegian skiing rituals which you’ll pick up if you spend some time chatting to the locals who tend to take their winter sports really seriously.

The Fjords

Another one of the key reasons many people head to Norway on a winter adventure holiday is to visit the incredible Norwegian Fjords. The Fjords are the place to head if you’re wanting to experience Norway’s most breath-taking views. They also feature an abundance of activities to enjoy while you are there. Activities include challenging hikes to cycling, sea kayaking and boat cruising.  Whatever activity you’re interested in there’s the opportunity to explore the fjords in many different ways and in different intensity levels.

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