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America is in love with their automobiles, but this is a love that is not sustainable. Just about every other country I have traveled in has an extensive, inexpensive, and easy to use bus and train system from city-to-city. It is my preferred way to travel when in other countries. While in the U.S. though, I drive from place-to-place like everyone else. GoTicket bus and train search hopes to change this by providing an easy way to find convenient routes.

GoTicket bus search

The bus depot is a familiar sight in Costa Rica, but not so much in America – GoTicket bus and train search aims to change that

Four reasons to go use GoTicket bus and train search on your next U.S. adventure

More Sustainable

I am guilty as anyone driving my car everywhere while traveling in the U.S. or even around my own city. I do use public transportation when convenient, but if it takes significantly longer, I drive. makes bus and travel more convenient by providing a giant database to search for bus and train routes and providing schedule and company information. If more people used public transportation, the impact on the environment is obvious as it leads to less gas consumption and fewer emissions propelled into the air.
More time to get things done

GoTicket bus train

Waiting for a train in Thailand – GoTicket bus and train search will help U.S. travelers do the same here

I spend a lot of time behind the wheel. If I used the bus more, I could write blog posts, read a book, check my emails, and countless of other tasks while riding a bus or train. There is not much you can do when driving except catching up on the news and music. Travelers can also catch up on sleep and save energy when riding a bus or train.

Enjoy the scenery

I remember we used to take a bus for a canoeing trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota. We did this trip every summer growing up. I loved these trips. My eyes would be glued out the window from the minute we took off. Do not get between me and my window seat. I used to see waterfalls, deer, moose, coyote, and beautiful Lake Superior. When you drive, your focus is in front of you and it is more difficult to enjoy the scenery.

Alajuela Backpackers

Smiling because I am heading for the bus in Costa Rica – GoTicket bus and train searches will have U.S. travelers smiling

More social

When you drive by yourself there is very little human contact. Isn’t one of the reasons we travel to meet other people and interact with fellow humans? When you drive you might say hello to a few gas station attendants. With self service credit card slots in every gas station, even this small form of contact is not guaranteed.

When you are on a bus you are among a community of travelers. I have always gotten good intelligence while traveling on a bus or train from other travelers that are not in any guide book. This is especially true if you meet someone on the bus or train who lives in the destination you are traveling to.

Fun challenge

While traveling I have always enjoyed trying to figure out the public transportation schedules and routes. This sort of satisfaction is not gleaned from driving. You just get in your car and plot the destination address into Google maps and follow along. Although GoTicket makes this challenge a little easier, it is fun to attempt to navigate the bus and train system on your own.

Adventure on!

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