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When I was traveling in Colombia last November I heard unfortunate news that another travel blogger had been robbed at gunpoint and had all her possessions taken from her. This would be a traumatic experience for anyone, but for a blogger who travels with all of their electronics they need to do their job it is especially  awful. It definitely got me thinking of the advantages of travel insurance through MedEx.

travel insurance

Safe in Cartagena, but when I am in transit is when I think about travel insurance

I realized right then how vulnerable I was when I was going from city to city and had all my belongings in my backpack. During these times I have my laptop, GoPro, and iPhone with me at the same time. As soon as I arrive at my destination I try and secure my things, but it is worrisome to be in transit especially in developing countries. I do actually feel safer at times in places like Colombia, but you never know when the worst case scenario might occur, so it is best to be covered. Even if something does not happen it is nice to have the peace of mind that you have a back up.

5 reasons you should use travel insurance

Finding quality care

It can be frightening enough visiting a hospital in your own country, but this fear is magnified when you or a loved one needs medical care in another country. You want to make sure you are getting the best possible care. Travel medical insurance links you with an emergency response team to help direct you to a doctor whose credentials have been verified.

Keeping costs in line

You do want the best possible care, but you also do not want to get gauged. Developing countries are notorious for over charging foreigners, and it can be no different when it comes to health care.

Travel medical insurance from UnitedHealthcare Global is designed to help with these costs at the time of service. Depending on the plan you choose, you may have a deductible. But that’s a choice you make ahead of time.

Getting home in a medical emergency

Depending on the nature of your emergency, there could be varying costs depending on the choice that is made. Perhaps you need to be evacuated to get better medical attention at home. Maybe you will need someone from home to come and stay with you. These are tough decisions and having medical insurance can help evaluate your medical needs and help with tough decisions and cover the costs of travel for you or your family.

Handling non-medial problems

The emergency response team can assist you — from a lost or stolen passport to emergency funds transfer or a referral if you need legal help. It’s a little like having a trusted friend back home to help you navigate in an unfamiliar land.

Safeguarding what you have already invested

Besides medical coverage, you can also add coverage for lost or stolen baggage, and trip cancellation or trip interruption. Travel is supposed to be a time of relaxation and stress relief, but if something should happen that adds to the stress, you do not want to have even more stress dealing with losing money, time, or personal belongings.

Even better? A basic travel medical policy can cost about the same as a nice meal at a restaurant. For a 7 day trip, that’s only a few dollars a day! When you think about how much you are investing in your trip, it’s a small price to pay for added confidence.

You can purchase travel insurance from MedEx of UnitedHealthcare Global. You’ll have a choice of coverage and deductible levels, sports riders, lost baggage coverage, and more.

Staffed by UnitedHealthcare Global professionals, the MEDEX Emergency Response Center is ready to help 24 hours a day year-round. Visit MedEx for plan options and pricing.


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