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I am a huge fan of camping outdoors; however, when old man winter comes, it is time to stay indoors after the adventure is over. Occasionally I get a wild hare and will winter camp in Wisconsin or in South Dakota, but when I am skiing, it is time to get warmed up after working up a sweat on the trails. It can be dangerous to camp outdoors in the winter after building up a sweat.

winter weekend getaways

Glamping is the way to go during winter weekend getaways

Winter weekend getaways

After either downhill skiing or cross-country skiing, I turn to a hotel that preferably has a hot tub and/or sauna. This is why I was intrigued to hear about winter weekend getaways. Like I said, I am not much of a glamper in the summer, although a little luxury now and then is not a bad thing, but winter time is a different story.

Gatineau Loppet start

Winter weekend getaways cross-country skiing in Canada

I was pleased to find that they had glamping locations in some of my favorite winter destinations. In fact, just this year my two big winter trips were to Colorado and to Canada. Two places that are strongholds in the U.S. glamping world. I enjoyed downhill skiing in Colorado followed by abundant time in the hot tub, and I loved cross-country skiing in Canada while staying at the Hilton in Gatineau and Montreal.

The great thing about glamping though is you are as comfortable as a hotel, but you are not far from the adventure and beauty of the wintry outdoors. Glamping options blend in with the outdoors instead of taking you out of them. Some of the glamping options include yurts, tipis, tents, and cabins to name a few.

glamping cabin

This would be a lovely location for winter weekend getaways

Many people are sad after the beautiful fall leaves make their inevitable drop to the ground thanks to chilly winds that signal the coming of winter. With winter weekend getaways in Colorado, Canada, or anywhere, you can change your attitude when the flaky white stuff comes around.

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