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One of my favorite activities for any outdoor adventure travel trip is the campfire. Unfortunately, this option is not always available. In fact, in many parks in the western United States, especially in the fragile desert regions, campfires are not allowed. On my last hike in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, I was facing the dilemma of what to do when it got dark. Recently, I had just been turned on to a new company and discovered that LuminAID lights the way for outdoor adventure travelers.

LuminAID lights

LuminAID lights the way to adventure travel in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

What is LuminAID

LuminAID is a solar powered light that inflates into a lantern. Charge for seven hours in sunlight and then inflate and turn on the light, and the LuminAID will provide a light for up to 16 hours. While the luminAID is no substitute for a campfire, it does create a handy light that can be used to read, cook under, or simply exist around.


LuminAID so small and simple, but so handy

As soon as the sun went over the bluff at Theodore Roosevelt National park, I got the LuminAID out. I had it attached to the upper corner of my backpack to catch the sun’s rays during the day. Another perk of the LuminAID is it is extremely light weight, so it is great for backpacking.

LuminAID lights the way for many uses

I hung the LuminAID from the nearest tree and it was like a kitchen light when I was cooking. Then I placed it in the center of my camp and hung out and had a few shots of Old Grandad while enjoying the soft light from the lantern. Then the northern lights came on for a bit and danced over the bluff. I had to turn off the LuminAID at this point. Sorry, but the Aurora Borealis trumps solar light. Then when I went to bed, I again turned on the LuminAID and read for a bit before going to sleep.

LuminAID lights

LuminAID lights the way for reading

LuminAID is also perfect for another one of my passions: canoeing. Once inflated, the LuminAID is waterproof and it floats. The device would also be ideal for night fishing as you could easily tie your lures and take fish off without having to turn on and off a light.

LuminAID lights

LuminAID lights up my campground

LuminAID is perfect at home too

Often times, handy travel and outdoor gadgets are great to use at home too. The LuminAID is no exception. Since the technology in the solar charger allows the charge to hold, although it does decrease over time, the LuminAID is a great tool at home in case the power goes out. Just be sure to periodically charge the LuminAID, so it does have some charge available when needed. The LuminAID would also be great to have in the car in case of emergencies.

Perfect for catastrophes

Sometimes the power goes out on a grand scale. In fact, the idea of the LuminAID was born following the Haiti Earthquake. Co-founders Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork were asked to design a product to assist post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. When people think of critical needs in an emergency, most think food, water, and shelter, but not many think light; however, half the day following a disaster is spent in dangerous dark conditions.


LuminAID lights up a selfie in Theodore Roosevelt

Glad to have the LuminAID in my backpack

Looking back over 30 years of camping, I can think of many times the LuminAID would have come in handy. As I write this post it is like an adventure travel V-8 drink. Remember that I could have had a V-8 commercial. There was the time we were stuck on the side of the mountain in pitch dark conditions being charged by rutting white-tailed deer in the Great Smoky Mountains, there was the time on the Kickapoo River when we were stuck paddling over an hour in the dark with bats circling around us, and there was the time in Trinidad & Tobago when we did not have the key to the car and had to hike for hours in the dark.

Macqueripe Beach Chagauramas National Park

That time we enjoyed the sunset for too long and got caught in the dark would have been safer with LuminAID lights

There will certainly be many more times like this as I continue to adventure where there will be those crazy moments when I will be caught in the dark. At least now, I have a new tool to make life a little lighter and a little safer now that LuminAID lights up my travels.

LuminAID did provide a courtesy lantern for my last adventure; however, the opinions of the product are my own. In fact, I am not the only one who has been impressed. Check out their time on the Shark Tank:

Adventure on!

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