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Bearded pig
The bearded pig of Bako growing that beard even in December

Never taken part in #Movember

I have never participated first hand in #Movember. For those that do not know what it is, this is when guys do not shave for the whole month of November to raise awareness to men’s health. Last year I posted a bucket list blog in order to support the movement.

Finding the Bako bearded pig – the poster animal of #Movember

Shortly after that post, I headed off for Southeast Asia for a three week trip. One of the highlights was experiencing Bako National Park in Borneo.  I spent a day here in this spectacular park in December.

Bako bearded pig

It is always #Movember for the Bako bearded pig

When I heard that one of the animals that lived here was the bearded pig, I hoped that I would get lucky and see one. It did not take long for one to make an appearance. One of the first inhabitants of this park that greeted me was the bearded pig. I immediately thought the animal would make a perfect representative for the 11th month no shave campaign or perhaps a General Ambrose Burnside fan club. Only problem was this was December and it was almost a year to the next November.

Bako bearded pig

Civil War general Ambrose Burnside would definitely be a fan of both #Movember and the Bako bearded pig – Photo public domain taken by Matthew Brady

Bako National Park

Bako Bearded pig checking out the Bako Visitor Center’s ground

I have waited patiently to shine the Movember spotlight on the bearded pigs of Bako, but now their time has come. Once again, I will not be growing out my beard this month, but I will share photos of a wild animal in Borneo that takes part each year and even before the hashtag was created.

Bako bearded pig

Do not fear the beard at Bako National Park

Bearded pig sticking his bearded snout in order to find food

Bearded pig sticking his bearded snout in order to find food

I have not heard much from this hashtag this year. Perhaps it has run its course. It is no longer cool to grow shaggy before Thanksgiving and hashtag #Movember. The bearded pig does not care about hashtags, fashion, and what month it is. For the Bako bearded pig, it is always Movember.

Bako bearded pig

Bako bearded pig frolicking near the entrance of the park

To see these lovable scraggly dudes, come to Bako National Park in Sarawak, Borneo. Along with the bearded pigs, Bako is also a great place to see the even more outlandish proboscis monkey.

Bako bearded pig

Bako bearded pig out to pasture

To get tips on how to get here – Read the below post:

How to get to Bako National Park

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