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When I find a winner in the clothing department, I tend to stick with it for years and years even when the fabric is in tatters. My twitter profile pic came from a trip on Halong Bay in Vietnam. Tragically, I lost the hat, but I still wear the same black explore shirt with the same long sleeve khaki 9 years later. I replaced the hat with a Tilley hat.

Finding my go to adventure travel pants

I found my go to adventure travel pants almost three years ago. Clothing Arts sent me a pick pocket proof pants, AKA P^,  to wear and review. I wore them a couple of times and wrote this review. Since then, the pants and I have become inseparable. I have brought them on every single trip since writing the review.

pick pocket proof pants

A shot from 2011 when I first used the pick pocket proof pants

Perks of the pick pocket proof pants

The best part about the pants is they can be used in a variety of settings. They are crafted for overseas adventure with zippered pockets to prevent pick-pocketers. I have worn them in Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, and all over Asia without incident. These pants would even allow you to travel to places like Rio, which is especially notorious for thiefs looking to target your wallet. I also like to wear them for outdoor adventure travel including hiking, canoeing, and even cross-country and downhill skiing.

pick pocket proof pants

There are many photos of myself in my photo library with the pick pocket proof pants on since I wear them on just about every adventure.

The pants are comfortable, durable, and fashionable. I have been wearing them for almost 3 years now and there is nary a tear in the fabric despite constant use and many times in the washer and dryer. I also love the fact that they can not only be worn outdoors and while on the road, but also at work. They fit right in a business casual environment.

pick pocket proof pants

The pick pocket proof pants have traveled the world with me for almost three years and will continue to do so for many years

Speaking about business, in exciting news, Clothing Arts is rolling out a business traveler line. Although the adventure pants can be worn at work, the new line looks a little more professional. They have also offer travel shirts and pick pocket proof shorts.

Re-reviewing old reviews

I started blogging about 4 years ago, and during this time I have received a few items to review. It is difficult to try something out only a couple of times and then write a review based only on a few outings – sometimes only one. The true mark of quality is how an item holds out over the long haul. The answer for the P^ pants is an enthusiastic thumbs up. This is why I am going back to these older reviews and products and revisiting them with a more unbiased view after several years and many uses.

pick pocket proof pants

When hitchhiking, it is good to have pick pocket proof pants

My next trip is a backpacking trip in the Great Smoky Mountains. Although it will be too hot during the day to hike with the pants, you can bet that the pants will be in my backpack and will be worn around the fire once it gets cool in the mountains. I look forward to many more adventures with my go to pants. After almost three years of use, I am certain that you too will enjoy them as well.


Please note, I received a complimentary pair of pants from Clothing Arts several years ago; however, this does not impact this review.  This post is my own thoughts on the product after using it many times.

Adventure on!

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