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I was staying almost in the shadows of Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was only a half mile away at Number 8 Guesthouse. I woke up and the day was an ugly gray with a constant driving rain. It had the look of an all day rain and that is just what it did.

Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur and the beautiful Petronas Towers

Staying in shape after the Chicago Marathon

I had recently completed the Chicago Marathon, and I was still in pretty good shape. I intended to stay that way and brought my running gear with me to Southeast Asia. I had run a couple of times in the fitness room at my hotel in Bangkok.

KL Tower Kuala Lumpur

The Kuala Lumpur Tower

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Since the day was a wash for any outdoor adventure travel activities, I decided it would be a perfect day to run. When you run, especially in a country like Malaysia, you know you are going to end up a sweaty wet mess. I figured it would be refreshing to have some cool rain fall while running in high heat and humidity.

Petronas Towers

My first view of the Petronas Towers

Running to Kuala Lumpur City Park

I ran the half mile from my guesthouse to the Petronas Towers. I was already soaked by the time I made the famous twin towers in downtown Kuala Lumpur. I had my eyes and legs not only on the towers, but the adjacent Kuala Lumpur City Park. On the way, I also got nice views of the Kuala Lumpur Tower and a few other interesting buildings and hotels. I was cautious running through the city looking both ways several times before crossing busy city streets. Be careful running downtown as the city is a huge metropolis.

Kuala Lumpur

Be careful running when crossing busy city streets like this

Running the Kuala Lumpur city track

I had walked around the park the day before and noticed they had a spongy running track along the park. The track had a starting and ending point and kept track of the distance by meters. Along the route there were different places to view the beautiful towers.

Petronas Towers

First view of both towers once I ran a little closer

Kuala Lumpur City Park

Starting point on the running trail in Kuala Lumpur City Park

The park itself was beautiful. It featured lagoons, amazing trees, flowers, a wading pool, and a man made lake. The main attraction was of course the views of the omnipotent Petronas Towers. When you are in the shadows of one of the biggest buildings in the world, you don’t have to move far to get a good look at the twin wonders.

Kuala Lumpur City Park

Beautiful trees in Kuala Lumpur City Park

The day before when I was here walking, the wading pool was a mob of kids and families. Today it was empty. There were Lost in Translation like stepping stones under a kind of man made waterfall. I figured it would be a good place to cool off.

Kuala Lumpur City Park

Lost in Translation like stepping stones

I took two steps on to the stepping stones and heard a loud whistle blow. Any former school boy who has ever played at recess knows what that sound means. I looked up and a policeman was giving me the pointed finger to move away from the water. They must have been concerned about lightening even though it was not an electric storm. I retreated back to the track and continued my workout.

Kuala Lumpur City Park

Beautiful structure with flowering trees at Kuala Lumpur City Park

Kuala Lumpur running

Kuala Lumpur running track

Kuala Lumpur city park

Beautiful park bench in Kuala Lumpur City Park

Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur

Of course we cannot forget the Petronas Towers

Quite a thrill running in the shadows of Petronas Towers

It was quite a thrill to run in a park in a country halfway around the world, not to mention in the shadows of the Petronas Towers. Have you ever run in a park during your travels overseas? What is the most exotic place you have ever completed a workout at?

Adventure on!

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