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Wisconsin River weekend

A typical Wisconsin River weekend view

One of my favorite places in the world is the Wisconsin River which runs the entire length of the state starting in Lac Vieux Desert on the border with the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It then runs south and dissects the state until turning directly west near Madison to meet with the Mississippi near Prairie Du Chien.

The last 92 miles of the river from the last dam at Sauk City is the premier portion of the river for canoeing and camping. This section is called the Lower Wisconsin River Valley and it is characterized by beautiful bluffs, golden sand bars, bald eagles flying off of every dead tree, tree line river banks, and exceptional canoeing and camping.

Wisconsin River camping

Wisconsin River camping along a golden sandbar

I have been fortunate enough to have canoed this river for over 30 years, and I have probably averaged at least a trip and a half per year, so I have been on it close to or more than 50 times. I have never grown tired of it and everyone who I have ever paddled with seems to share the sentiment, including my dad.

Wisconsin River wildflowers

Thanks to torrential rains the wildflowers were out in force

This last weekend marked another successful trip canoeing, camping, swimming, enjoying the campfire, spotting bald eagles and other birds, and just enjoying life in the great outdoors of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin River weekend

Canoes at a lunch stop along the Wisconsin River

Kayaking The Wisconsin River

Kayaking the Wisconsin River

Wisconsin River floating

Beautiful day for floating down the Wisconsin River

Wisconsin River weekend

Golden sandbars stretch across the horizon beckon on a Wisconsin River weekend

Wisconsin River

Another view of the river from the bow

Wisconsin River photo essay

Hanging out under an umbrella with the old man reminiscing about past trips

Bald eagles Wisconsin River

Bald eagles always make an appearance or two

Bald eagles Wisconsin

Or three

Wisconsin River sunset

You can always rely on a beautiful sunset along the water’s edge

Wisconsin River weekend sunset

So nice it deserves a second shot

Night on the Wisconsin River

When the sunset it is time for a relaxing campfire

If this type of adventure appeals to you, and you don’t know how to get started, check out Wisconsin River Outings in Sauk City and Boscobel.


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