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Blue Mound observation tower

Blue Mound State Park observation tower view

At the front desk at Blue Mound State Park I asked the ranger if the observation towers were open year round. The lady replied that they were as long as you could get to them.

I had my Teva hiking boots on, so I knew I could make it no problem. I got in my car and halfway up the hill my wheels started to spin. It occurred to me she might have been talking about the wheels on my car and not my legs.

I regained traction and continued my drive up the hill towards the twin towers at Blue Mound. I parked as near as I could to the West Tower and hiked the less than quarter mile through about a foot of fresh powdery snow.

West Tower Blue Mound Wisconsin

Blue Mound State Park West Tower

Snow covered the railings, the platforms, and the steps of the tower, but it was not icy. I made sure to keep one hand on the railing while pushing up the snowy stairs. In a matter of minutes I was above the tree line looking across the surrounding countryside, Blue Mound State Park, and the snow covered trees. It was a gorgeous view.

Blue Mound Wisconsin

Snow on a Blue Mound Tower stairway

My footsteps were the only ones in the snow and the fact that each tower still had a fresh batch of snow proved I was the only person to climb the towers since the recent snow fall. Blue Mound State Park is a cross-country ski destination in the winter, but it surprised me that no adventurous soul had yet to brave the foot of snow to take a peak across this beautiful Wisconsin State Park.

Blue Mound State Park

The only tracks to the Blue Mound West Tower were my own

Blue Mound State Park Wisconsin

My tracks were the only marks made in the snow

I got back into the car and headed over to the other side of the park and it was déjà vu at the East Tower. Once again I plowed my way up the virgin drifts of snow to enjoy an amazing vista.

Blue Mound State Park West Tower

Surrounding countryside from the West Tower

If you come to Blue Mound State Park, definitely take in one of the towers and make sure you do it no matter what time of the year you come. It may even be prettier in the winter. If you come to Blue Mound to cross-country ski, make the trip up to the towers before you begin. Once you start skiing and sweating, it might be too cold to come up here and take in the views exposed to the wind.

Blue Mound East Tower

Blue Mound State Park view from the East Tower

Both towers are minutes from the road, so there is no extreme hiking before you summit the top. There is no excuse not to take in the beautiful scenery even in the winter, yet on a crisp, clear, gorgeous winter day, I was the only person to take in these great winter scenes.

All Wisconsin State Parks require an entrance fee. Check this post out for information on these fees:

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