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Everyone knows about Angkor Wat,  Halong Bay, and other Asia adventures, but today’s Guest Post by Sofia von Porat from AsWeTravel provides information on five lesser known destinations.

Traveling in South and Southeast Asia is a chaotic, crazy and awesome experience, and it’s so different from the West that just visiting the local morning market for breakfast is a culture shock in itself.

The best thing about Asia is that everyday is an adventure, and by simply leaving the map at home you will stumble upon some awesome places that many others seem to miss.

Here are some fun things to do and places to visit in South East Asia for those looking for something a little different …

Asia adventures

Wat Umong Thailand – Photo compliments of As We Travel

Lesser Known Temples in Thailand

It would be impossible to visit Thailand without seeing a temple, as they are literally everywhere you go.

With colorful glass mosaics glimmering in the sun, and stupas painted in gold, the temples are a beauty to behold. However, after a while you’ll find yourself bored of the extravaganza and yearn for something more simplistic and different.

If you’re in Bangkok, we highly recommend a visit to Wat Prayoon, a quirky little place tucked away close to the Chao Praya River.

Nicknamed the Turtle Temple after the large pond filled with turtles, and mound covered with miniature spirit houses and dollhouses in the middle – these are shrines to departed loved ones.

Another amazing temple is Wat Umong in Chiang Mai, a green oasis dating back to 1297, where nature has completely taken over the temple grounds covering statues in moss.

Adam's Peak Sri Lanka

Adam’s Peak Sri Lanka – Photo compliments of As We Travel

Pilgrimage in Sri Lanka

Those willing to take on a challenge, climbing Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka is an unforgettable experience we definitely recommend.

Adam’s Peak is a mountain which is considered sacred by Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Muslims, making it an incredibly important place for people of all religions.

The climb, which takes about 4 hours, is exhausting, and yet so empowering.

Being surrounded by thousands of devoted pilgrims climbing in the middle of the night to make it to the top in time for the sunrise, is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

Asia adventures Laos

Laos village – Photo compliments of As We Travel

Biking in Luang Namtha, Laos

Biking in South East Asia is really fun as you get a chance to get off the main road and explore all the small streets and corners of the area.

In Laos, we grabbed two bikes and rode off into places way beyond the paved city roads, stopping off by waterfalls and small villages along the way.

The only thing to be careful with is to be respectful to the locals in the villages you pass – we found a big difference in the way people treated us from place to place.

Sometimes the children would run up to us waving and smiling, in other villages they would be curious but keep themselves on a distance.

But all of this really made it such an amazing adventure and experience.

Malaysia Asia adventures

Perhentian islands in Malaysia – Photo compliments of As We Travel

Civilization Detox – Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Our favorite escape islands were the Perhentian islands in Malaysia. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and pristine beaches, it’s a place for pure relaxation, snorkeling and scuba diving.

If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all and perhaps go on an “internet detox”, there is no better place to be than here.

I hope you found these tips useful and that you take the opportunity to explore the lesser known gems of Asia!

Sofia’s travel blog shares travel tips, videos, guides and inspiration from around the world – you can follow her at on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.


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